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Hi I'm Colton Schlesinger

I grew up in the United States. I have wonderful family and friends. I'm a Mormon

About Me

I enjoy participating in mock trial. I was on my school's mock trial team for three years. After college I plan to attend law school and become an attorney. I love spending time with friends, friends are very important to me. I also love to read. I have a love for history, which I've considered studying in college. I spent most of my childhood in the state of Idaho. When I was 14 I moved back to Arkansas, where I was originally born. I enjoy meeting new people, but change is often hard for me. I enjoy many different things. I enjoy anime if I can find a good one. I enjoy telling puns. I find puns very humerus, but I think I enjoy the reaction of my family and friends to be the best. They always groan because they say puns are terrible jokes, but that only encourages me. I tell them that telling jokes is preparing me for fatherhood. I'm confident in a very strange person. I typically have a lot of energy and I'm quite a goof. I personally believe my parents should be granted some form of award for putting up with me for so long!

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because of the incredible experiences I've had with the Divine. As an adolescent, I was certainly not doing what I should. I went to Church every week and I prayed every day, but I hadn't really given my heart to God. Fortunately, my father set the example for me in scripture study. Due to his example, I began my habit of reading the scriptures daily. I turned my heart in God's direction. I tried to be better. As I did these and continued in faith and prayers, my relationship with my God grew. I felt incredible peace, love, and desire to serve Him and Jesus Christ as I read the Book of Mormon. I came to know it is true. This then logically meant that if it was true, then it's origin story must be true. This meant to me that Joseph Smith Jr. was and is a prophet. I learned the church was true. Since then I have continued to grow in faith. I searched for answers to my questions and I feasted on the word of God. I have received guidance from Him. I have been prompted by Him. I have been encouraged by Him. Occasionally, I am admonished and gently rebuked by Him. I have prayed in faith, and looking behind me I see Him having guided me. I receive His presence in my heart and mind. Often I feel the Divine peace and love come into my heart. Other times, the voice of the Lord comes to my mind. I cannot make these things up. Often the Lord uses my mind to construct concepts and analogies. But often enough, words and ideas will flow into my mind. It is the Lord. I have given my life to Jesus Christ and His Father. I have a testimony of the truth of these things. This gospel, and the church, are the bedrock of my life. I can't imagine myself or my family would be where we are if it wasn't for the Lord. He lives, He loves us. It is my promise that you too can know Him.

How I live my faith

I live my faith in many ways. One way I live my faith is I try and help others. I love the feeling I get when I'm helping someone else. Sometimes that's just talking to someone who's having a hard time. I try to spread happiness to others and brighten their day with my jokes and humor. I want to help others in any way I can. I also serve as a leader in my church. I serve on a planning committee, as well as help with the preparation of weekly church services. I also have a responsibility to visit several families in my church on a monthly basis with my dad. I'll admit I'm not perfect in these responsibilities, but I try to do my best. In all areas of my life I strive to excel and do my best.

What do Mormons believe concerning the doctrine of grace?

Colton Schlesinger
Mormons believe that grace is indispensable to the salvation of every man, women, or child. Because all men have fallen short of God's glory, they cannot pull themselves up by their own bootstraps, so to speak. We all need a redeemer. The Savior Jesus Christ is that redeemer. One way we receive the grace of Christ is by being resurrected from the dead. Because the Savior rose from the grave, He reversed the curse of death brought by Adam, and subsequently, all mankind will live again in their physical bodies. We also receive grace by being redeemed from what many call "original sin". All mankind will be brought back to God's presence to be judged of our actions. Grace is also received in our personal lives. Through the Atonement, we all have the capacity through the Savior to repent of our personal sins and overcome personal weakness. Do Mormons believe in grace? Absolutely!! I myselg stand in in amazement of the atoning love shown by the Savior for not only the whole human family, but for me personally. I love my Savior Jesus Christ, and he is my personal savior Show more Show less