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Hi I'm Mitch

I grew up in Dorset, The south of england. I love music, Im a classical and folk/rock musician. I love walking & the outdoors.

About Me

So me... Well, I love music! Listening, Preforming, Writing. I find that good music can shape a person and change a mood. I Play Guitar and Sing. I've been fortunate enough to play in a number of bands whilst growing up (Rock and Folk) as well as singing classically as a soloist (Musicals, Operas and all of that kinda stuff). So superficially I guess you would say that Im a musician. But what I really love, is Talking. Communicating and spending quality time with great people. I love to have long, philosophical conversations and talk about the deeper things in life. Whats the point of talking if its not genuine communication from one soul to another, right? Hmmm, what else?.... oooo, Nature! I love the Village that I live in because its out in the forest but only 20 minutes away from the beach. Its the best of both worlds really, I enjoy going on forest walks and finding cool new places out in the sticks, I also love to spend time at the beach In the summer (the 2 whole weeks per year of good weather in england, haha) My favourite time of day is what I call 'the golden hour' which is most prominent from June- September. Its that time just before sunset when everything glows this golden, yellow colour and your shadow becomes 10 times bigger that you. Its like the world is smiling back at you, you know? I guess I would say I'm pretty laid back, An optimist. Im a strong believer in the 'Everything works out in the end' Philosophy.

Why I am a Mormon

The Golden Question... haha. Well, I've got a story to tell. So, I grew up in the church, and as I became older, I began to not really want to be apart of the church anymore. I just didn't know if I believed it or not and I couldn't be bothered to keep up with all of the social expectation. It got to the point where i was in a crossroads in my life. I could either find out if the church was true and continue to be a mormon or throw in the towel and do something else with my life. I remember sitting down and thinking to myself: "so many people that i love and respect devote their life to this religion, but why? surely there must be a reason! nobody would spend there lives in a religion if it did not mean something to them!" I decided to speak to my dad about it all, he felt that I should speak to my bishop, So I did! My bishop had this super left field idea that I should fly out to America, on my own and stay with some people to have a think of what I really thought about everything. So, thats exactly what I did. I stayed with this really awesome couple called the Jewkes and I asked Greg (the husband) to teach me everything he knew about the gospel, So he did. And it BLEW MY MIND. I had no Idea how important the restoration of the church was, or how amazing the Gospel was. I remember sitting outside of a temple in Utah and talking to this lady called Sister Champion. I started telling her about the things that I had learned. As I bore my budding testimony of the church to this kind sister, I had the most incredible feeling. Like I had been lifted up and all of my cares and pride had fallen away. I realised that all of these people from the bible and the Book of Mormon were real people with real thoughts and feelings. that Joseph Smith actually was called of God. Nothing in my life has been so clear as that one moment. And from that time on, I have studied and learned as much as I can. I can honestly say that this Church is 110% true. All of it.

How I live my faith

Well, at the moment, whilst I am preparing to serve a 2 year mission In South Africa (Beginning June 2016) I have the responsibility of being a youth leader for the boys at my church. We do activities on Wednesdays and we also take it in terns to prepare and teach lessons about different topics on Sundays. I have a lot of love for the young men, they're an inspiring group of lads. The young mens programme has given me a library on fond memories to look back on now that Im older. Apart from that, I just love church! I love my scriptures and I love the gospel. I honestly believe that every teaching of the church, be it from the mouth of the prophets and apostles, The words of the scriptures, or the example of Jesus Christ's life, has a significant reason and a purpose to help us as people grow, love more, and be better Human Beings. As I said earlier, I love 'Deep' talks with anyone and everyone. So naturally, the gospel always tends to find its way into those conversations. Why? Because Its a beautiful way of life! The Gospel of Jesus Christ never fails to fill me with an overwhelming feeling of peace and love. Its just such a calming feeling to know that because of Jesus Christ and his sacrifice, were gonna be alright! As long as we do our best to love each person and live the way that he taught us to, the rest will work itself out. Isn't that just the best thing that you've ever heard? I honestly feel that the best way to live my faith is to love. Love everyone! friends, family and enemies a like. I know that its easier said than done but its the truest thing that I could possible say. and how do we love? CHARITY! for 'Charity is the pure love of Christ'. Thats it! If you've got Charity, then you've understood what its all about.