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Hi I'm John

Lived in California most of my life. Built microwave electronic parts, including Automatic Landing System for commercial aircraft.

About Me

It took me quite a while to realize my life would be put on hold before I ever reached legal voting age. It only took a few more'nightmare events' and somehow found this full Gospel. The Spirit was amazing at the moment of confirmation. An event from almost 25 years past . . . and what I'll call '3 month courthouse conundrum' has driven a wedge between that amazing peace I once felt as a member. Life was more like the next "How I live my faith" until each 'functional front' seemingly became shut down by the same maniacal event.

Why I am a Mormon

There they were . . . the missionaries. Not like I hadn't seen them before. . . they'd helped my friend move some furniture into his new apartment. My friend knew they were Mormons! What was he thinking?! Then he said, I don't know about their faith, but they are good people. Not sure if that was a seed planted, but years later, when I was near bottom & saw them standing across the street, I flagged them down . . . as if I were flagging a plane at the airport. They presented a challenge. Now, I'd been of another faith for almost 25 years at that point. Typically I'd accept 2 lessons / week and really pressed the missionaries on questions. After a while I'd ran out of questions . . .reading at that time for hours each day. The Spirit was clear, and several members would visit with the missionaries over those first few months. There's a new appreciation I have for 'agency' and understanding that my blessings are predicated upon faithfulness. The hope is to keep a worthy temple recommend and find a healthy life abiding within the limits set forth by the gospel and our prophets. After doing temple work for my father, I heard an interesting thing he said . . . as relayed by his wife, 'If everyone lived like Mormons, they would all be better Christians.' Faith does precede the miracle. Dad was a faith seeker, and while I did have peace when his work was performed . . . it was an even greater peace to know he had a testimony of Gospel, as seen through members' lives. A Mormon, because I have been a life-long seeker of God's truth, too. I know like never before that God loves me, and that He knows my name. I am his child, and now know that I have so many brothers and sisters. There's solace, as we abide in fellowship within the protection of God's wisdom . . . for me, there is no clearer place to seek out living fellowship, with like-minded believers. Through the atonement, it is possible to progress as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

How I live my faith

The day begins with a word of prayer to a loving Father. A brief devotion to be sure to hear the Spirit's voice & on to ensure care of needs for body and spirit of those in the house. Occasionally starting the morning with popovers for the smell of warm bread. Today's sacrament covered 'patterns of faith'. A great talk on how the consistent things we do establish strong faith. Daily Reading, prayer fellowship, and service (opportunities to serve others) ~to name a few~ As a young convert, I have been going back through General Conferences past, and hope to have them all watched at some point. My hope is that their messages with fortify the wisdom I need, and help me connect more with the earlier church. Hosting dinners for the missionaries is a joy. Visiting neighbors, or going on teaching sessions all help to maintain a faith-filled life. Priesthood duties, like blessing oil, or Sacrament services are something I have come to expect as a part of 'my reasonable service' . . . something that is just a part of what I do, as the need arises. And, it is a treasured privilege to hold the priesthood. Temple service has been a highlight. The Spirit felt there is a good way to have heartfelt moments, or refocus on eternal importance. One of the reasons to join here, may be to blog about faith, or to ask questions, and for sure, I hope to share some of the strength I've found along the way.

Why are Mormons asked to donate 10% of their income to their Church?

My 'technical' answer is "Because someone is trying to be too nice". Really, we're not asked, we're commanded to tithe. And really . . . of all the churches I've been to, the least 'Asking' for tithe I've seen happens in an LDS church. There's no offering plate, no guilt-trip, no pleading for funds. It just seems to be something, we as members, understand. It is a commandment from the Lord to pay tithes, and a member pays the tithe in obedience to God's command. Personally, when that time comes, the prepared envelope is handed to a bishopric member. The phone company doesn't come by my house and let me know the bill is due. In fact, as paperless, I don't get a bill. Also, I've re-routed the e-mail notification so I don't get an e-mail alert if I'm sleeping. Really, when it is time to pay the bill, I pay it, or the phone gets shut off. I guess I'm saying I know that, like paying a phone bill. It is a reasonable expectation. As to 'why' . . . part of me has 'known it is right' and quite simply, understand tithing as a token of obedience. === Then again (jokingly) If God really wants the increase, all I need to know is where to send the bill :) !Don't get me in trouble now, I'm being playful! === Show more Show less