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Hi I'm Charlene

I'm a mother of 6, a daughter of God, belonging to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I am a Mormon

About Me

My number one interest is the gospel, and my Heavenly Father's will for me. Most of my childhood was in a broken home, I went into foster care around the age of 10. After that, I went from different family homes and my knowledge of the gospel became more of a memory as I made poor choices. Becoming a Mom, really opened my eyes to who I was, it gave me desire and that lead to change for the better. I changed things slowly and worked on my relationship with my Heavenly Father. I had 6 children and was in a hard marriage, that lead to divorce. Becoming a single mom, made me rely on my Heavenly Father completely. Blind faith has been almost a constant thing for me to have, but it has come with a lot of growth and learning. Trusting God was imperative and is key to my relationship with Him. I believe any person, regardless of where they came from, or what their background story is can have true joy and that is only through living the gospel of Jesus Christ of these Latter-Days. Having a background doesn't determine who a person is, it helps them find their way. I know I'm a daughter of God, and I am a Mormon.

Why I am a Mormon

It is because of the unhappiness that I felt before and realizing that I wanted to feel different that gave me the motive to change. I wanted a better life for my children, I wanted them to have someone they could look up to as an example. I knew hard times would always be around the corner for my kids, because they are there for everyone. I wanted them to have a firm foundation of faith, so when those difficult challenges came, they would know where to turn. Many times along my way, I felt completely alone and that was very hard. Now I know that I am never alone, nor was I ever. Satan just wanted me to feel that I was. I choose to be a Mormon, because I know that it does make a difference in not only my life, but those around me, including my children for the better. It is a shield against life's temptations and trials. I promise you that hard days will seem easier, burdens will be lightened, and true eternal joy can be found as you live your life in accordance to the commandments and teachings of the gospel.

How I live my faith

Satan is a very real person and desires every person to fail in their life. Happiness to him is our misery. Knowing that became necessary as I have had good days and hard ones. The Book of Mormon is a testament of Jesus Christ and gives a feeling of comfort called the Holy Ghost to those who read it with an open heart and contrite spirit. Meaning, as one prays and seeks understanding on what is being read in the Book of Mormon, their mind will be open to the knowledge of the importance and truth that is written. That truth is testified by the Holy Ghost, which is felt inside a person. Daily study of this book and other resources given on lds.org, including talks given by men who have been given sacred authority from God to teach the importance of following God's commandments have helped me immensely on my path. There has never been such joy in my life, regardless of the trials placed in front of me, because of this knowledge given. I know that I am not alone in this work, that God desires my happiness. Trials are given to help us learn and grow and also that they may bring us closer to Heavenly Father as we rely on Him more in our lives. Growth is not achieved by standing idly by, but by action and so it is with the gospel. Just like a seed has a hard time achieving it's full potential without sufficient rain and sun, so it is with us. It is difficult for us to become who we are without the light of the gospel and the storm of life bringing us closer to our Father. We choose who we become by our choices, living every day a little better than the one before.

What do Mormons believe about “eternal life?”

We believe that before we came to Earth in the bodies we have now, we existed as spirit sons and daughters and lived with our Father in Heaven. We were presented with a plan that would allow us to grow and reach the measure of our creation, that we could become like unto our Heavenly Mother and Father and have a body and learn and grow. There needs to be opposition in all things to fully reach that growth and knowledge. In choosing this plan, we would have the opportunity to come back and live with our Heavenly parents again, based on how we overcame our trials of life on Earth. On Earth we would have the opportunity to be sealed or "bound" together to our families, that would extend beyond this mortal life, even into the eternities. We also believe that the work we do here on Earth, continues even after we die, that we still have a purpose. Our temporal bodies die, while our spiritual bodies continue forever. Show more Show less