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Hi I'm Audrey

I am from Utah. I'm just a teenage girl finding myself happily. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I love living. I am a liver, and not the organ kind. I do have one of those, however, and I assume it's helping to keep me alive but I don't know much about anatomy. Ahem, well I suppose you could say I love living because of my opportunities. I'm a 19 year old girl who's trying (happily) to find herself a little in the casual life of a college goer and pre-missionary, and my opportunities to expand my horizons have led me along to this point. Some interests and hobbies I have picked up along the way are: Outdoor activities. Being outside is one of the best things ever, especially if it involves burning off some stress. I love running, hiking, rock climbing, snowshoeing, canoeing, boating, exploring, climbing trees, biking, yadda yadda. Music. Music has always spoken to me in a way that people can't. I dabble in the piano, guitar, ukulele, voice and I'm trying to pick up the banjo a little bit. I'm a huge fan of Trevor Hall, James Bay and Vampire Weekend. Art. Painting, sketching, charcoal, you name it. Expressing myself through art is often easier for me than through words. However, I love creative writing and poetry. People. This is my passion.

Why I am a Mormon

My father and mother and their fathers and mothers for at least a few generations back have all been a part of the LDS church, so I didn't necessarily CHOOSE to be a member of the church. I was born into this faith. I will say this, however: I have never had the thought of CHOOSING to leave it. Growing up in this religion is a very different and almost strange lifestyle when put in comparison to the rest of the world. A word I hear used a lot when describing what happens when children are raised in the faith is "brainwashed." I would like to promise that, personally, no brainwashing of any sort occurred. I was raised and taught to make my own opinions, ask my own questions, and search for my own answers. So that's what I did. Yes, there were times when I struggled and there were times when I questioned the truth, and looked high and low for the solutions to my questions and problems. Often, I would look in the wrong places. But I discovered very early on that if I wanted to feel loved, if I ever wanted to have a clearer understanding of something (ANYTHING!), if I wanted to be smarter or prettier or better than I was before, the VERY BEST place to turn to was to the God that I was taught about and had begun to believe in. I found that as soon as I started actively doing what I was being told to do by my parents and leaders, I was blessed with answers and solutions and a feeling that can only be described as the "light of Christ." If I prayed for something with full intent to actually speak to my Heavenly Father and believe that he would help me, my answer would come. Not always in the way that I expected, but answered nonetheless in miraculous ways. This continues to happen and I continue to grow. I love this gospel and I love this church with all of my heart, and that is why I am a member. It makes me happier, it makes me better, and it makes my life full of meaning every single day.

How I live my faith

During middle and high school, I served in my presidency of young women many times as a president, adviser, or secretary of a small group of girls that gathered every Sunday after our main meeting. I feel that I've always been surrounded with a lot of really good examples and friends. They made me want to try hard to emulate and carry on those qualities from people I look up to so I could be a good example to other people, especially the younger girls I associated with. When I graduated high school, I served as a counselor of young single adult women in my ward (the group who goes to church at the same time based on proximity) and I organized events, helped decide what callings to assign to other people, visited girls in need, and gave lessons in church. Currently, I'm planning on serving a mission for the LDS church and I've been assigned to labor in the Tahiti Papeete mission! This will take up 18 months of my life. My purpose is to strengthen others and lead them to a better life, and afterlife, by teaching them about the true gospel of Jesus Christ. I'm so excited to devote myself to this service. I love traveling and I love service of all kinds, so I suppose "living my faith" can better be explained not by my calling, but by my dedication to loving people, who I believe are the children of God. This is the most important thing. I have been blessed with many opportunities to serve others in many places (not necessarily organized by my church) including a recent humanitarian trip to Nepal, where I helped with a childcare project and helped many families or children who needed extra assistance or support. These kinds of things are very rewarding to me and I try my best to represent what I believe in wherever I go, and I believe in Jesus Christ. I believe in kindness and unconditional love.

What is being a Mormon like?

Being a Mormon is fun. It truly is. There are more smiles, laughs, jokes, lighthearted moments, awesome activities, and friendships than people imagine there to be. But perhaps that is because we are a group built around a "plan of happiness," as we call it, were we believe that we have been sent to earth to test our faith and learn to rely on our Savior, Jesus Christ. He is our perfect example and he lived, suffered, and died for us. Without him, we could not return to our Heavenly home to be with the ones we love. I believe that Christ is a happy person, and we should be too. Show more Show less