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Hi I'm Mike Emett

Hello! I'm a student. Historian. Avid reader. Proud Husband and Father. I'm a Mormon

About Me

Born in California, I am the last of four children to parents who joined the church while young. Although we lost my older brother to cancer, we are strong and united in our faith and testimonies in the Savior and the Restored Gospel. I tried to be active in sports, playing baseball, church softball, soccer and other activities, my passion is knowledge. As a young child, and with the help of parents who were teachers, I have always wanted to learn about the world. I live, eat and breath history, mainly U.S., and politics. I enjoy reading classical works and fun escapism. I was always shy and hated the concept of public speaking. However, after I decided I wanted to serve a two-year mission, I learned to overcome that fear, and now...I love speaking. Be it history, politics, religion, random trivia, movies and so forth, I am ready to talk and share! Although a life long member of the church, I knew little about the gospel due to wanting to learn the church's history. My trial by fire came by way of my mission in the Ohio Cincinnati MIssion, where I finally learned the principles and doctrines of my faith. Learning that, coupled with history, my testimony came and is solid today. I am fortunate enough to have found an amazing gal at college and she married me! We have wonderful small family. I have so much to share, but so little space to do so. The church and the gospel has blessed my life abundantly! Let it bless yours!

Why I am a Mormon

Why am I a Mormon? An easy answer would be I was raised as one. It is more than that! As you can gather from my "bio", I love to read and research. I have spent all my life researching the history of my church and have spent the last decade plus in learning more and more about the restored gospel. As I scour the Bible, Book of Mormon, words of prophets and apostles...and most importantly pray, I find that it all makes sense, it goes together, it is whole. After much study and prayer, I too had to ask my Father in Heaven if all this is true or false. I cannot deny the strong, warm and comforting feelings that calmed my soul as my Father in Heaven answered my prayer with a confirmation that it was all true and He was proud of my efforts to search and seek Him out. When one takes time to study and pray (and I still do so to strengthen my testimony and knowledge), one can only ever conclude how true the restored gospel is, that the Bible and Book of Mormon are testaments of Jesus Christ, that Joseph Smith prayed and saw God and Jesus Christ and that they called him to be a prophet and restore Christ's church. A prophet is alive today! Apostles are on the earth. Truth has been restored! As the world and society goes bonkers and gets scarier, the gospel and the knowledge and testimony of it brings peace and safety to me and my family. We humans in the church may be imperfect, but we strive to be better. Although imperfect, the gospel is perfect--and that is what matters. Anyone can find an answer to the veracity of the gospel and everyone will get an answer if they try, I got my answer. I am a lifelong member, but converted when I was 19. It is never late to grasp truth and be whole. It is never to work and in faith return to God and have Christ's atonement clean us and help us. I know it is true, so can you. A long answer, but these are some of the reasons why I am a Mormon and unabashedly proud of it.

How I live my faith

No one is perfect, we are human. I am not perfect as I try to keep commandments, stay awake in church, pray everyday and so on. Yet, by simply striving to improve upon where I fall and to strengthen were I do well, this living and applying the gospel in my life is one major way in how I live my faith. Having children, I strive to be a good example and teach my young ones about the Savior, the church, being good and so on. One of the best ways to live is to serve. Service could be helping people move, work their gardens or inside homes. It is also serving to strengthen the local congregation. I have had a wide range of callings, all unpaid: Missionary, Elders Quorum President, Executive Secretary, Mission Leader, Young Men's Counselor and so on. Currently I teach Sunday School and I love it! I learn alongside the members who are in the class with me. I love this gospel so much (and gaining experience as a missionary), that I cannot help but share it! I enjoy helping the missionaries teach those inquiring, have people in my home to learn, passing out cards and pamphlets and even sharing church history and my testimony with classmates and friends. It is not hard to live the gospel, it is easy and great. As one serves, the Savior sustains us.