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Hi I'm Kaelan Pratt

I grew up in Utah and am currently a missionary serving in New York. I love art, poetry, and music. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am currently serving a mission, but I will be going to college when I get back. I have already done 2 years of college at Utah Valley University. I love art; particularly graphic design, realism, and various forms of geometric and abstract art and design. I love poetry and I am a proud member of the Speak for Yourself Open Mic group. I love slam poetry and love writing and expressing myself through words. Poetry to me is like another form of visual art, I still create pictures but instead of creating them on paper I create them in people's heads. This is why I love poetry. It is my life. I love music, writing songs, and DJ-ing.

Why I am a Mormon

I love the gospel of Jesus Christ. I gained my testimony by living Christ's teachings, and reading my scriptures constantly. I have anxiety... so I constantly felt overwhelmed by life. I felt lost at times. I felt so worried. But things changed. I still struggle with anxiety, but I have peace in my life and I am constantly being strengthened by God. And I am so so so very thankful to him for all he has blessed me with. I know that the principles taught by Christ are true and they have helped me be happier and feel more love in every aspect of my life. Many assume that you have to have some crazy, sudden, powerful experience with God to know that this church is true. And while some may have experienced that, I have not. The power of my testimony has been one of constant development. I have gained my testimony by building upon the small things I've recognized in my life over years and years, bit by bit He has shown me the truth. I cannot deny the changes that have occurred in my life. I cannot deny that my life is more peaceful and that I am happier. I cannot deny Jesus Christ. He is able to help everyone because he understands our pains and sorrows perfectly. He has helped me so much. I testify that maybe your powerful experience is one of a lifetime, that God loves you, and that He will manifest himself to you if you ask (in ways either big or small, it will be constant). I testify that God loves you, you are His child. You are precious to Him and He wants you too be happy. You can be happy in this life. You can be free of Guilt. And you can receive comfort during times of sorrow and pain. All this is possible through Jesus Christ and through the gospel and authority restored through Jospeh Smith.

How I live my faith

I live by being kind. I am in contact with people every day. So in some way I affect their lives every day. That affect can be big or small. Good or bad. which means I have the potential to change 365 lives in a year. I affect someone every day. Imagine what you could do it you were nothing but kind and good to a person for 365 days, If you gave a good change to a person's life for every one of those 365 days. You could seriously change someone for the better. This is what I live by. This is my philosophy. I try to make sure that when I talk to someone, I change their life for the better. I think it's good to have dreams for the future, I think you should do what makes you happy. And what makes me happy is love. Loving others makes me happy. Chasing my dreams makes me happy. The Gospel makes me happy. Christ makes me happy. I also think that while it's important to dream for the future, You should trust God that no matter what happens, as long as you're doing your best, you will be happy and things will work out. You can't stress so much about the future and "what if's" and fears that you forget to enjoy life today. Don't forget to experience life and live your dreams now. That might sound cliche, but it's true. Live life to the fullest. Enjoy it, the good and bad, cause both make you who you are. Your experiences are unique and beautiful. You are unique and beautiful. I sincerely believe that. Just do your best, that's all God or anyone can ask. And that's all God expects. Love others and love life. Do what makes you happy. Serve others, your family, friends. Love them and Cherish every moment you spend with them. Don't take it for granted. They are amazing people. Don't judge others. instead, when you talk, try to make a positive change in their life. I do my best. That's how I live.