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Hi I'm Juli

I'm a daughter and a sister. I love chemistry, music, and agriculture. I am terrified of escalators and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm the second daughter of two wonderful parents and I have four sisters and one brother. Growing up in a big family has been the adventure of a lifetime and I wouldn't trade my experience for any other in the whole world. I'm majoring in Biochemistry and I love what I do. My interests range from the mundane to the almost insane, as I love music (pretty average right?) and I also love skydiving (now that's more exciting huh?). Everything about life is so interesting to me and I don't want to miss any part of it, so I am constantly pushing my limits, testing my comfort zone, and exploring new interests. In high school I was president of the top level audition choir, and also president of the FFA. Diversity keeps life exciting, there was never a dull moment trying to juggle classical performances with my involvement in selling market hogs at the County Fair! Even though I plan to become a scientist, I have been working as an architectural and interior design assistant and I love it. I love reading and watching movies and I could stay inside all day, but I have been on more hikes than I can count and numerous campouts and I really believe I could live in the forest with just a cot and a blanket. I am a girl of many extremes and drastically varying interests and because of that my life has been a never ending accumulation of new experiences and priceless moments filled with laughter and excitement and I wouldn't want it any other way.

Why I am a Mormon

Although both of my parents were members of different religions before they joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, by the time they were married and had children they were committed to raising us in the Church. I grew up going to this church every Sunday. Even if we were on vacation we would attend the Church closest to us. I began to see the blessings of being a member of a worldwide church at a very young age. It was comforting to know that whether we were vacationing in California or Hungary (the small European country where my Dad grew up) I could go to church and learn the same things I would if I were going to church down the street from my house in Gilbert, AZ. I love this gospel, and I know it's true. This didn't come to me when I was a little kid going to church with my family on Sunday, it happened much more gradually and over time. I gained a testimony of different parts of Mormon doctrine at several points in my life. Before I knew it was true all I had was a desire to know if it was true or not, but that was all it took. I remember the first truth I learned for myself. As a young child with a family that I loved very much I really wanted the doctrine that I had been taught regarding eternal families to be true. It made sense to me that if God loved me, he would want me to be with my family forever, even after death. I wanted it to be true, it made sense, and it felt right-- so I believed it was true. As I grew older and studied the scriptures and learned more about the Atonement and Resurrection of Jesus Christ I got confirmation that families can be together forever. Just as the Son of God returned to His father after His death and Resurrection I can return to my father after I die. Piece by piece, as I study and as I pray I begin to enlarge my understanding of gospel principles. My testimony didn't come all at once and I don't have to rely on my own learning to know the doctrine. If I pray God will hear me. If I ask He will answer me.

How I live my faith

"If you love what you do, you will never have to work a day in your life". This popular adage is used to encourage people to choose a career path that excites them in order to lead the most fulfilling life possible. This quote isn't saying that if you love rocket science, you can get a job as a rocket scientist and it will be really easy and never require you to work hard or problem solve. No, it is simply stating that if you are committed to what you do and you believe that there is nothing else you would rather be doing then you will ultimately find peace and joy with what you are doing and it will never feel like a "job", but an opportunity to work really hard at something you love. In a similar manner, I believe that if you choose a religion that you love and that you believe in, you will never feel restricted or burdened by accompanying rules, guidelines, doctrines, or any other aspects of membership. I'm a Mormon every day, not just on Sundays. I read my scriptures and I pray every single day (usually more than once a day). I am dedicating 18 months of my life to leave my family to go serve and teach other people about what it is that I believe. I go to Church every week (yes, all three hours of it) and I prepare a lesson to teach my Sunday School kids each week. I have planned countless youth activities for members in my community and I have attended even more. I can't even begin to number of service opportunities I have participated in through my Church. I live what I believe every day. Even if it's hard and no one else can understand why I would dedicate my time and energy to something that may not even matter. To me-- it does matter and because of that I am willing to do all that is asked of me and more to show the Lord that I love Him and that I am grateful for all He has blessed me with. I am not perfect and I don't always do everything that I should, but I try to do my best to do all that the Lord has asked me to do each and every day of my life.