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Hi I'm Ian-Carlo Pruett

Fort Worth, Texas. I've been a member my since 1996. I am a Latter Day Saint. I'm currently on a mission serving in Berlin Germany

About Me

Well, I am a rather optimistic guy. I love skateboarding, its literally my life. I am into music, playing guitar, piano, and ukulele. I also enjoy art, which would include just pretty much pencil drawings. I am an absolute geek when it comes to science. In particular I LOVE space. I hope to make this a profession in life. The gospel has become a heavy part of my life at the end of high school. I have devoted myself to serve a mission, and I arrived at the MTC in Provo. I am serving in Berlin Germany. So excited. I didn't go to college just yet. I'm a young single adult. (Will be for 2 years). The Atonement has become one of the very things I have grown to absolutely love. My trials and struggles have helped me to turn aside and look to the better future.

Why I am a Mormon

I live a life with answers to a lot of the biggest questions in life. So when my time comes, or when I go through the worst things ever, if I made a mistake, if I feel lost. The Scriptures, The Book of Mormon.. Overall this Church has given me the faith and courage to brave through this life. I live content in being a moral individual in a world with withering ideals of moral character. I am a Mormon. I am proud to be in his work.

How I live my faith

Positive living really helps to shape things and your attitude through life. Realizing my place as a child of God helps me to know others around me are family and I see them in a whole different light. Patience can run low with people no doubt, but try seeing others through God's eye's. He sees us as imperfect beings with so much potential and worth. For as much God loves them, we too should love. As I go about my day I try to be an example of my church. An example of Christ and people do notice this. I find being positive, full of the spirit, reading the scriptures often, and sincere prayer attracts many people or at least many will seek your help for things or just in general they WILL notice you. Whenever I make mistakes, I use to be pretty tough on myself. To the extent I self-destruct and get down on myself. And even when I would have my own share of successes I still do not fully reward myself. Rather I try to punish myself so I do not get too high headed. This self destructive act of lashing yourself can really cripple your happiness and your progression. Jesus Christ loves me, regardless of my past and mistakes I have made. Take for instance the Anti-Lehi-Nephis. (Alma 23-24) These were some of the worst people ever. Yet they were taught the gospel and were convinced of their pasts. So they swore to bury their weapons of war to never shed blood again. Even to the death. They would rather die than to sin. In doing so when their enemies came they bowed to the Earth and were slain for God's sake. Even those who were attacking these people were stung in their hearts. They knew they have repented. In this I now know I can do all through God. If I devote myself to him, I can do anything (: