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Hi I'm Val Ault

I'm a student at the University of Memphis. I like math more than a person should,and I'll make video games someday. I’m a Mormon.

About Me

I came to college as a music major, wanting to write music for video games. Music comes easily to me, but I started to find it competitive and stressful, and I found that I didn't enjoy it nearly as much doing it on other people's terms. So I switched to Computer Science, and I enjoy the clean logic of it immensely. I've always loved doing and teaching math, and fiddling around with making games on my calculator in high school, so I'm glad I get to make good use of those skills I've gotten so good at over the years. But my favorite part about college is the friends I've found here. There are so many people that have demonstrated wonderfully the worth that each person has. They've helped me learn so much about what my life means, which is such an important question as we all decide how to begin our careers. The classes have taught me more interesting things than I thought possible, but it's still a small amount compared to the things I've learned from laughing, learning, playing, crying, and philosophizing with my wonderful friends.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because overall, I have found that when I am living the principles taught by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, all kinds of joy, peace, and satisfaction settle into my life that I haven't found anywhere else. I have spent a lot of time looking for reasons why the church has to be true, hoping that what I believed in wasn't just all made up, and I've found no better reasons than the proof that comes in the peace you can find living the gospel. The whole things reminds me of studying the natural world. For example, early on scientists discovered that an atom was made up of a nucleus that consisted of positively charged particles. However, they also understood that similarly charged particles repel each other strongly. So how did these nuclei stay together? It was not for 12 more years that they understood that there was another force involved holding the protons together. Until then, scientists had to live with the fact that there seemed to be an inherent contradiction in nature, an impossibility. And that is how I see my current understanding of the gospel. I don't understand everything. For example, some of the actions of early authorities of the church seem to contradict their authority. But I have faith that I simply don't understand it all. I believe that there are so many things I don't understand about the world, physical and spiritual, that whenever it doesn't seem to make sense, it is only because I don't understand things in their full, eternal context. All that I do know is that when I live gospel principles to the best that I understand them, I come to understand them more, and I find a meaning behind my life that drives me and gives me energy. It makes my life feel more full than simply following the things that I think are good for me. TLDR: It's been 19 years, and the only thing I've found that fulfills my entire life and brings me lasting peace and satisfaction is living the gospel honestly, faithfully, and diligently.

How I live my faith

Every Sunday I play organ for the hymns in local congregation. We have a very small number of people, because we meet only with all the other young single adults in the Memphis area, ages 18-30. Because we're so small, I'm often asked to sub in for a lesson in the second or 3rd hour too. Church isn't fun and meaningful every week, and sometimes those extra responsibilities can add some stress to my week, but overall I find that the work I do for the church and its members incredibly rewarding. I learn a lot through it about what's really important. It is also great to see other people trying to live your faith too (even during the times when you see them doing it as badly as you do sometimes), and the friendships there can be wonderful. Through the week, I try to use the things I've learned at church to guide my life. I use things like the Bible, the Book of Mormon, talks from prophets, and prayer to continually remind myself of what's important, or else I find myself getting too focused on things that, when I really think about it, aren't very important. Occasionally I like to talk to some of my friends about my religion and the things I do for it too, because I think the questions that religion tries to answer are important to us all, things we think about a lot, and what else are friends for than to listen and talk to each other about what's truly important to them? Finally, in my case, I plan to live my religion by going on a 2 year mission. I've been called to German speaking mission in Frankfurt, and I'm excited for the chance to offer the truths that I've learned to anybody who wants to listen, and to serve the people of Germany however I can.