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Hi I'm Mary

I am a substitute teacher. I love playing with children. I love to sing, play my guitar, and piano. I love everyone. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I grew up in a family of eleven children. I am the seventh. Although sometimes it's easy to get lost in the crowd, or feel I have to live up to my older siblings' achievements, I love having a big family. My sister is my best friend. I am fluent in Spanish, I started learning when I was in second grade. My dad told me then that if I kept at it, I would be able to someday teach the Gospel to the Lamanites. Today, I am preparing to serve a mission in California, speaking Spanish. Hispanic culture is a big part of my life and I love it! I love music with all my heart. I play the Guitar, Piano, and I love to sing while doing so. There is nothing as exhilarating as pounding away a difficult song I've just learned on the piano. There is nothing that can express my feelings like my sweet little acoustic guitar. Hymns can bring the spirit into a room faster than anything else. To me, music has a special power, and I love it. Throughout high school and a little after, I suffered with severe depression and anxiety. Going to church saved my life. The hope of Jesus Christ fixed my broken mind, and heart. The healing power of the Gospel is amazing to me. I still work for my happiness, but it means so much more when it comes. I love to climb! I am a rock climber, and it is so empowering. Being able to conquer my fear of heights to reach the top is a big deal for me. I love the feeling of sitting at the top of a hard wall, arms aching, and knowing I just did something hard.

Why I am a Mormon

I grew up in Utah Valley, and was raised a Mormon. My family read from the Book of Mormon every night, and I learned the doctrine. I always went to church. I definitely have always had a testimony of Jesus Christ. But right after High School, I decided that I needed to ask myself if I was following the right path to be able to get back to Heavenly Father. I needed to know if I was in the right church. I prayed every night to have an experience that would help me know which way to go. At the time, I was suffering with depression and anxiety disorders. I decided that I needed to start a medication. When I did, my whole personality changed. I stopped going to church, I didn't care about the things I'd loved. I stopped playing the guitar, I hated my job. I thought that I could improve my mental illness on my own, that I didn't need Christ. So I tried it by myself, and I only became miserable. My family and friends helped me see that the medicine was changing me. I quickly stopped taking it. I realized that my mind was a mess without the stability of the Gospel. I attended some other church services, but none gave me the whole and complete peace that the Mormon church did. I needed that time of questioning and searching and change to see just what the Mormon church gave me. I learned that it's okay to have some doubts, as long as you go to the right place for answers. I asked Heavenly Father to help me, and He did. The reason that I am a Mormon, is that it makes me happier than anything else in the world. The reason I read my scriptures, is that it makes me feel good! The reason I go to church is that the Spirit of God is there, and it fills my soul with light! The reason I keep the commandments, is that it keeps me free to make my own choices. I am a Mormon, because I believe that "it is the path to happiness in this life, and eternal life in the world to come."

How I live my faith

I live my faith by loving the people who are around me. Jesus loved every person he met. The sinners, the faithless, the unclean. I pray for His spirit of love. That is my key to coming closer to Christ. I go to church every sunday to learn about the Savior's life, and what He expects me to do in mine. I go to be with my brothers and sisters in the Gospel. I don't have a job in our ward right now, but I try to help out the people who do. I live my faith by following the commandments that God gave us. I don't drink or smoke. I don't drink coffee, or tea. I dress modestly, to show respect for myself and the people around me. I keep my thoughts and language clean. I live every day to try and be worthy to live with God again someday. I am a normal human being, so I make mistakes pretty often. When I do, I go to church to repent and apologize to God. I am always trying to be better, and to learn. But I am still happy with who I am right now! To me, that's the miracle of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I get to be happy now, and am always improving.