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Hi I'm Amber

I'm an aspiring artist and swimmer who rolls sushi and cooks ramen on the side. I'm a Mormon, Baby!

About Me

Hello world! I'm Amber, I'm a Mormon through and through. Grew up in the church with two Mormon parents and two Mormon brothers. But trust me, it's hard to believe, even when you've grown up believing what you do. Trials happen dude! And trust me when I say it aint easy. I am an aspiring artist, a dedicated swimmer, and a crazy cook who doesn't use rules nor measurements XD needless to say my cooking only turns out a portion of the time. Just like life actually :) things don't always work, but if you throw in the right ingredients it just might rise the way you want it to ^-^ And you never know, you might even like the way it tastes when you're done :D I'm a ginger bread woman, that is, i have red red hair XD that's always a fun adventure. I have a soft spot for indie music, anime, and longboarding. who ever said Mormons can't have fun? XD

Why I am a Mormon

It's hard to explain to people why I am a Mormon without first explaining my testimony of the atonement. Once you realize that the Lord died for every last one of us, you start to understand that he would have died for just ONE of us. He knows us by name, he knows our hearts, he knows our victories and our flaws, our failures and our joys. I love the idea of being part of a church that has a God who loves us all. You know, a God who can be loved and love in return. I'm sure everyone has had feelings of loneliness or sorrow somewhere in their lives, it's simply part of the human condition. But through the grace of God we are never truly alone and nothing is ever truly lost. Doesn't that just make you want to cry? When I was just a wee lass, I had a lot of trouble with bullies. My mom was being sent in and out of the hospital for an ailment we-for some unknown reason-couldn't fix, and to top it off I had just moved away from all my friends. I was alone. But when things got big and bad and scary for me, God would be right there at my side. sometimes it felt quite literal, too. like he was literally at my side, cheering me on, picking me up, carrying me, being my friends, being my father, being my God. Doesn't that all just make you want to cry? Cause it makes me want to cry, cry with joy. If I could sum up my life in the church so far with just one word, it would be Joy. we have a joyous religion. joyous people, joyous teachings, joyous prophets and apostles, and best of all joyous lives. This Gospel brings Joy. plain and simple. So, I'm a Mormon, Baby! And I am proud! And I am full of JOY!

How I live my faith

So silly story, as soon as I came of age to leave young womens, I was called right back in! Looks like I'll just be young forever. XD We do everything from decorating weddings to pajama parties. Let me tell ya, Young womens is the greatest calling in the church, besides maybe being a missionary that is ;) i love my girls and I love the other advisers and leaders. We have so much fun, there's never a dull moment with my girls. We recently got a few younger girls in our young women's group and they are just the biggest balls of sunshine XD I feel bad for the young men sometimes, cause there's no way they're as cool as us, the young women. HA!

Do Mormons only help Mormons?

Do bees only pollinate flowers? Does the wind only blow west? do balloons only come in the color red? of course not! Mormons are still people just like everyone else. Because of the church, over 100 countries now have wheelchairs, 54 counties have clean water, over 40 countries have vision care and so on and so forth. And those statistics are only from 2003! We have so many more working right now! when a natural disaster hits, the LDS church is one of the very first on the scene. We love EVERYONE! XD This is just kind of our way of giving the world a hug :) We believe that every single person is a divine son or daughter of our heavenly father, which makes us all brothers and sisters in spirit. so why wouldn't we help wherever we can? Kindness is our greatest service, and service is the purpose of our church. you need help with something, we gotchu. ;) Show more Show less

What are some things that tell you there is a God?

Things that tell me there is a God are things that usually happen in nature. For me personally, I just have to look around. Have you ever noticed how artists usually have a specific style that they repeat in their art pieces? well God is the greatest artist to ever exist, don't you think? he leaves these specific signatures for us to see, just like the signatures at the base of a painting. look at the veins in your arm, now look at the trees outside your window. Don't they look the same? Now look at your family tree. see the way it starts small, then gets bigger and bigger and more beautiful with time? just like a tree? Fun isn't it? Artists will always have these little signatures in their masterpieces whether they do it purposefully or not. God has left countless signatures. All we have to do is pay close attention to his brush strokes. Show more Show less