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Hi I'm Wade Neff

I'm a printing and graphics professional from central Pennsylvania, USA, and I'm a Mormon

About Me

I'm a homeschooling father of 4, married for 18 years to my amazing wife. I grew up in a family of four and always knew I wanted to do something creative for my career. I've always had a big imagination, and I lived there a lot. I'm an introvert by nature, but I reach out to the world through my creative endeavors and through enjoying the creativity of others. In the graphics world, I am a jack of all trades, but master of none. I've worked for nearly 25 years in different areas of photography, graphic design and printing. When I was young I would work summers with my father who was a carpet installer just like my grandfather. I never liked it, but respected my dad for being the craftsman he was. I knew I wanted to do something more creative when I grew up. Still, my dad invested me with a willingness to work hard. Back then, my Dad taught me to dislike two things. Cats and wallpaper. Cats for a carpet installer are never a good thing as they tend to "mistreat" carpet. And wallpaper always make the job of a carpet installer a little bit harder. Today, I live in a family with five cats (also a dog, two bunnies and a fish), and I work at a wallpaper company. I'm sure my Dad sometimes must wonder where he went wrong with me. Today, I do my best to wear all my many hats - father, husband, school teacher, brother, son, friend and child of a Heavenly Father.

Why I am a Mormon

I'm a Mormon because at my core it makes sense to me. For as far back as I can remember, I've believed in a Creator. And if there is a Creator, there has to be a reason for the Creation. And the only reason that has ever made sense to me is love. That Creator made us out of love, and if he made us out of love then there is a reason he sent us here, and he would have made a way for us to get back to him. To me it makes all the sense in the world. And the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the only place I've ever been that offered me explanations for those things. As a member, I know why I am here. I know where I came from, and I know where I can go when my time here is done. Baptism, forever families, temple work for the dead, revelation to modern day prophets - all these things make sense in the context of a Father who loves us and who wants us to return to him some day. He loves us all, and wants to make sure everyone has a chance to return to live with him some day. He sacrificed his Son, so that we would all have the chance, and through sharing his Gospel and learning of his ways every man, woman and child who has ever lived will have the chance to accept him and receive all the blessings he has in store of them. That's why we do missionary work. That's why we believe in marriages that aren't just until "death do we part" but are forever. We are eternal beings in an eternal family with a Father and Elder Brother whose love for us is infinite. Not only does all of this make sense to me on an intellectual level, but I know it in my heart to be true because I've prayed about it. The Holy Spirit has testified to me the truth of it. I know it just like I know I am sitting here typing. I know it like I know how to turn my computer on a design a new logo or a website for a business. I know it because I've seen how living it has made me a better, happier person. I know it, and I am forever grateful to my Father in Heaven and Savior for it.

How I live my faith

I live my faith daily - from taking my two oldest sons to their scripture study before school, to serving in my congregation's men's group, to assisting with my sons' Boy Scout and Cub Scout troops. As I've gotten older, I realize that I feel like a better me when I am serving my fellow man. This is something that the Church has taught me. Being an introvert since I was a kid has often made it hard for me to go outside myself, but having the opportunity to be called to serve in these various capacities has helped bring me outside my self and bring me closer to others. When I get lost in my own problems, the surest way to re-square myself with the universe is to serve. I enjoy going out with the missionaries to help or teach others in our community. I also really love getting the opportunity to do what we call home teaching every month. I have seven families that I try to visit every month. It's my responsibility to go into their homes and share with them what the gospel means to me. I am also there if they need help, if there is work to be done where extra hands are needed, or if there is a critical issue in the family where they need some support. I recently had the opportunity to help install a set of stair railings for an older couple in our congregation. I've never done that before, but knowing there was a need inspired me to go beyond myself and learn something new in order to help someone who needed it. I know I'm a better father as I keep in my heart that I am responsible for watching over the children and wife that I've been blessed with. Having the eternal perspective that being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has taught me makes it easier to weather the trials that sometimes come in a big family, I know that my Heavenly Father and elder brother, Jesus Christ, love me very much and they love my wife and kids too. So I try to make sure that I treat them and everyone I meet as a special child of my Father in heaven.

What is being a Mormon like?

Wade Neff
Being a Mormon doesn't make you feel apart from other people. It makes you feel even more connected to those around you whether they are members of the Church or not. Being a Mormon means you understand that we are all part of one big heavenly family. That everyone around you is worthy of respect and love, because they are literally your brothers and sisters. Being a Mormon means I still have a job and go to work each day. I still pay bills. I still do all the things that other people do, but I have the added blessing of understanding the eternal nature of myself and everyone around me. I try to live my life with respect to that eternal nature. I try to take care of the blessings that Christ has bestowed upon me. I take care of my body by not putting things into it that will damage. I take care of my heart and the hearts of those around me by treating people with respect. Through service and compassion, I show my Heavenly Father that I understand his plan for all of us. I try to live my life finding joy in the blessings that my Savior has given to me, and by sharing what I know of Jesus Christ's Atonement and his gospel with those around me. Sometimes that means talking about my beliefs, but more often it means smiling. It means helping those in need of help. It means loving my fellow man as my Savior loves me. Show more Show less