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Hi I'm Halley Nguyen

I grew up in Vietnam,I live in Finland.I desire to be with my family forever on Heaven.I'm forever a child,a learner and a Mormon.

About Me

To begin with, I am prestigious convert. Just wait for my story... In the first 17 years of my life, I spent time growing up in a city called Hanoi (Vietnam), in a family of five with my grandparents and my parents. Life as the only child is no ordinary for me. I went to public school and piano school at the same time. When I was small, I was being considered as smart, creative but reserved, disobedient. The latter part of my character made it impossible for me to be adored by many people. I was being mocked by my classmates that I often ended up crying on my own. All the time, I wondered what I have done wrong and why people did that to me. I thought that it was my fault. At some point, I realize that they are the ones who are not happy with themselves, so they have to put me down to be happy! However, this did not make want to revenge them. My father always reminded me to be nice to people, to show them an example. Then, during that time, a tragedy hit my family as we figured out that my father got addicted into gambling. We had hard time paying debt for him to be able to save his life and crying our heart out while waiting for him to come home. And the death of my grandfather at that time also made a great impact on my life. It brings tears to my eyes every time thinking about that time, about the uncertainty of life and death, about the insensitivity of people sometimes, especially about forgiveness...

Why I am a Mormon

Every time thinking about my discipleship journey, I try to collect pieces of memory in my mind and put them into right order to admire the miracle... I came to Finland as a student in 2013. Then, in summer 2014, I moved to Germany and stayed there for 3 months to do my internship. Here, the story began.... In my time in Germany, I lived in the countryside, mountainous village, located in the border with Austria, in Bavaria region. The village was 11 km away from the famous, fairy-tale-like castle- Neuchshwanstein. Before going back to Finland, I decided that I wanted to visit the castle. I ended up going with the earliest train in the morning to a city called Fuessen and had an incredibly long, unexpected walk through the forest, through the mountain. When I arrived at the castle, a Chinese man handed me a flyer. To be polite, I took the flier, put it in the side pocket of my backpack and did not intend to read it. When I came home, the flier was still there. It is called: 10 things you do not know about Jesus Christ. Ever since before, I was interested in Religion topic but never had enough courage to learn about it thoroughly. So, as I read the flier, I found it really interesting even though, at that time, I had no idea about how Jesus Christ can save us and carry our sins. Then, at the same time, I and one of my friend, who is also a Vietnamese student in Finland chatted on Facebook. He is a Christian. By some chance, he played the basketball with Mormon missionaries weekly. So, he told me that I might be interested to talk with the missionaries. Right after I come back to Finland, my friend took me to Church to meet with the missionaries. It was the General Conference that day. So we watched it together and immediately, I had the feeling that this Church is so humanitarian. I knew immediately that this Church focuses on people's peace, happiness and growth. And I decided to become a part of this Church.

How I live my faith

I live my faith, foremost, by trying to keep the Lord's commandment. Then, I try to make the best effort on doing things that He would like me to do, becoming the person that He would like me to be. The first calling I received is being the pianist for the Relief Society - our Church's educational women's organization. At the moment, I am also the Nursery leader. I realize that the more I try to serve other people, the more the Lord helps me to discover myself, to appreciate the journey that I am on, and most importantly, to be more like Him. The biggest goal of my life now is to be a good Mother. Having the chance to be surrounded with children while being at work and serving the mentioned calling as the Nursery Leader, I realize the importance of the divine role as a Mother. To be honest, there are not only fun moments, but also frustrating, overwhelmed moments. However, this is the learning process not only for the child, but also for me. I have been discussing with my parent, reading about children's psychology, behavior and what to do, how to be in charge of those difficult situations. I have been putting those knowledge into practices and I'm so happy to see the way it works! I know that the Lord wants us to live a happy, meaningful life. He knows that we- His children would stumble every now and then while learning. It might be daunting to see the children being hurtful (I also know this feeling), but with his guidance and our willing to follow, our willing to learn and our trust in Him, we would be able to find true happiness!