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Hi I'm Kris

I have ten children. I am a "non traditional" college student at age 62. I am having a ball. I am a Mormon.

About Me

I love playing with grandkids, gardening, and reading history books. Playing with grandkids has plunged me into river rafting, hiking mountains, and watching late night movies. We even swam in an underground crater lake. Mostly we like to stay up late and play games and laugh together. They are all pretty excited when they finally get taller than me. But I remind them that since I am barely 5'2" it is not much of an accomplishment but a rite of passage. Of course I was a mom before I was a grandmother. I always wanted to be a mom from the time I was little. I graduated from high school and started college, but then I got married and started a family. It was what I wanted to do more than anything else. After our children grew up and left home, I was sad for a minute. However, I realized that I have enjoyed every phase of their lives and that I would enjoy the empty nest phase too. So I went back to college, taking classes just for fun. The ancient history classes are my favorite. I have even taken several years of Biblical Hebrew along with some art history and archaeology. In between classes and grandkids, I like to watch my flowers and tomatoes grow.

Why I am a Mormon

Initially I am a Mormon because my parents converted to the church when I was about 2 years old, and they raised me in the church. From the beginning, they were always very active. They loved the church. They loved visiting with friends after church. They loved going to people's homes during the weekdays to visit or do genealogy. I never knew if my mom was going by assignment or for fun. She always had fun. They loved teaching lessons. My mom loved singing in the choir. My dad loved leading his scout groups. They went to worship service as readily as parties. I loved growing up in the church. However, I was in college before I gained my own conviction about church. I was 18 before I read the Book of Mormon or any other scriptures; although, I knew many of the Bible stories from children's books. Reading the Book of Mormon for the first time awakened a longing to renew a forgotten relationship with God. It was like coming home from far away. I started praying privately in the morning and at night. My prayers were very simple and personal--please bless me, please help me to pass a test, please keep me safe...There was no bolt of lightening or a specific aha moment, but I realized that all the things my parents and church teachers had taught me were true. I know Jesus Christ lives. I haven't seen him, but I feel his love so deeply for me and the people of the world. I know the church is true. I know that through the power of Jesus Christ, Joseph Smith restored the precious truths and authority of the ancient gospel. I know he was a prophet of God. I know that President Monson has the same authority and prophetic calling as the ancient prophets. I know that Jesus is the literal Son of God, born as a baby to Mary. He lived. He suffered. He died on the cross. He resurrected. He ascended into heaven and will surely come again to reign on the earth in glory. I know that I am a spirit daughter of God. I feel his love and acceptance as sure as I breath. I am a Mormon.

How I live my faith

With one of our daughters, I have helped raise 11 service puppies for people with impaired vision. The hardest part is giving the puppies up when they are recalled at about 15 months old for the rest of their training. However, it is worth every tear to see them as professional guide dogs making a difference in someone's life. As leader of the puppy raising club for five years, I worked with youth from all over our area, meeting once a week to teach puppy raising skills. Over the years, I have taught all ages at church. I love teaching stories from the scriptures and finding applications to our life. I taught the seven year olds about Abraham answering, "Here I am," whenever the Lord called him. So I taught them to say "Here I am" in Hebrew. One parent told me that when they called their son, he would answer in Hebrew "henani". My most challenging calling was leading the choir. I never lead music nor sang in the choir before, but I said yes when asked to do something for church. The whole experience was quite miraculous. I don't know quite how to explain my choir experience except that I continually heard music in my head--mostly old familiar hymns from my childhood. I think the angels sang to me. The music was often a little different arrangement than in the hymn book, so I would explain to the choir how I wanted them to sing it. For example, we sang one hymn as a round. The results were miraculous and angelic. I feel like my Savior accepted and magnified my feeble efforts. My visiting partner is a darling 98 year old woman. For years we have visited a few ladies in our neighborhood once a month. This past year she has been too frail to get out as much, so I try to take them to visit her. She laughs and always makes us so glad that we have come. I always have a lot to do in my church neighborhood--giving rides, taking meals, teaching lessons, and answering puppy questions. These simple activities are how I live my faith in Jesus Christ.