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Hi I'm Ed

I'm a student who loves learning, running, and the gospel of Jesus Christ - and I'm a Mormon!

About Me

I'm a student as my primary role in my current life, and I love it! I'm studying Bioinformatics, and the knowledge I receive here every day is invaluable to me. Learning is so cool, and having new knowledge and skills just means I am more prepared for the future. I am honestly just doing bioinformatics because it's a nice mix of computer science and biology: Computer Science, because I consider the ability to use computers one of the coolest and easiest tools to get a lot of work done, and biology because I love science, and biology in particular is just like a never ending well-spring of cool new knowledge! Aside from that, I love the outdoors - camping and skiing in particular. On a more regular basis (but along the same lines), I love running, and the trails and the mountains here where I am going to school are the place I love to be most. I help out with the local high school Cross Country and Track team because I want others to learn to love running and see how it can benefit their lives, because it sure benefit's mine!

Why I am a Mormon

While the church’s doctrines are really nice to know, now that I already know about them, that’s cool and all, but there’s just too much to be done about it! I’m a mormon because in this church I am SURROUNDED by opportunities to serve others all the time! - and I’m surrounded by people who want to help serve with me! In actual church and from the prophets, I learn how to serve better and structure my life in a way so that I am always ready to serve. I consider myself a “functionalist” - meaning I only do things that actually work, and it is highly functional to be a member of this church, because my life purpose is to contribute meaningfully, and being a Mormon seems to “actually work” in facilitating that. Even if the prophets of this church weren’t really communing with God, or if the book of Mormon didn’t actually come from God, or if temples and the structure of the church didn’t actually come from God (all of the which I strongly believe to the contrary - that they ARE true and they are from God and that they are awesome), the church would still work! It would still be the best model and the best structure in which to live my life, and I don’t know how I got so lucky/blessed to be born into it. Actually, I think I was conservative in my note on the doctrine of the church, because I consider it a huuuge blessing knowing the meaning behind creation, behind existence, behind life! It’s so cool and straight forward and empowering and it makes sooo much more sense to live life with the idea that we existed before and we will exist afterwards, and everything we go through here, and decide to do here, is just a part of our path in a much broader, even eternal scheme! Our lives are the exact opposite of meaningless, they’re infinitely meaningful, and I don’t think there’s a single person on the planet whose life couldn’t change for the better with this perspective. In short, I'm a Mormon because being a Mormon is awesome!

How I live my faith

To me following the gospel of Jesus Christ means only one thing: Service. The way we talk about this in church is by calling it Charity, the pure love of Christ. This is the love that He had so much for His children that He lived His life for us, suffered the atonement for us, and overcame death for us. I try to reflect some of this sacrifice in my own life by devoting myself to my studies so that I can be in a position where I can serve more than I would be able to in any other path I could take with my life. For me, studying isn't really at all about making money, because jobs are hard! Jobs can be boring! I'd rather just be a gardener or something awesome like that if I wanted a job just to live and to be happy for myself, but there's too many people who need help, and the doctrine in this church makes it clear that that's not going away anytime soon without a lot of people that love others so much that they are willing to work realllly hard to make things good on the Earth! But this is by no means a burden - in fact, this faith has helped me to see that it's really awesome, and it's transitioning me from being obligated to help people out who have it worse than me because I feel bad, to helping eveyone I can because it makes me feel awesome! I contribute at church by helping teach lessons in the second half of sunday school every few weeks, trying to facilitate discussion based on how we can make Jesus Christ a more central part of our lives and use his gospel to help others.

What is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints' attitude regarding homosexuality and same sex marriage?

I’m limited in my response length, but here it goes...(there's so much to say, but no room!)... The church’s stance is a pretty hard one on this topic, because our belief is that homosexual behavior (not inclination) is a sin in God’s eyes, and will ultimately push people who choose to act on homosexual orientation away from Jesus Christ and eternal happiness. It follows from this that it would be wrong for modern prophets to know this and not say anything about it. So, it’s not at all easy to say, and we do our best to say it with empathy (recognizing the heavy implications this has on the lives of members with homosexual orientation), we cannot, in any case, endorse same sex marriage. On the flip side, I do know this: the church’s emphasis is 10000 times over: love everyone and do everything you possibly can for them; so, things that seem harsh in an official policy are made soft by the members doing everything they can to love and fellowship and truly, honestly befriend anyone and everyone they come into contact with, no matter who they are or what they’re like or ANYTHING. Seriously, Jesus said love EVERYONE, and we realllyy believe it! My interactions with members of this church have almost always shown me that they are humble people, and that this love is a powerful force in their lives, so while we cannot one bit support same sex marriage, we 140% respect each individual’s choice, and just hope and believe that it will all work out with God in the end! Show more Show less