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Hi I'm Susan Eastwood

As long as I can remember, all I ever wanted to be was a MOM! Seven children and 28 grandchildren later- I'm a mom & I'M A MORMON!

About Me

I always wanted to be a mom and seven was the magic number. After three boys and three girls c-section ~someone else had to help me get my number seven- my forth girl. Even with 2 divorces thrown in the mix I was blessed to be a stay at home mom ~ Allowing me to discover and develop my creativity with decorating, sewing, embroidery, crafts, casserols, and all around homemaking skills.My third (and forever!) sweetheart married me with my seven kids and moved us to the top of the Rockies above Denver, Colorado.We experienced the "wilderness family" and learned from our new dad how to navigate the mountain lifestyle and snow,frozen waterlines, wood chopping, fishing, hunting and yes even butchering on the kitchen table! It was a great experience but once the nest emptied out they all moved far away. We built a guest loft Bed and Breakfast hoping to entice them home for visits.In their absence I found perennial plants and high altitude gardening became my new "Babies". The gardens grew and grew as I feverishly worked to enliven our pined acreage. After 17 years the altitude got the best of me and we had to head to lower ground. Filer Idaho called to us with high hopes of being more accessible for family. I thought I was done with the extensive gardening~ But the Lord set us up on a perfect acre by the perfect busy rural road to delight neighbors and motorists. I may be a frustrated artist as I continually try to create an ever-changing floral painting with my expansive gardens!

Why I am a Mormon

As a youth, I felt something missing in my Presbyterian church meetings. Hungering for more, I would sneak out of the Presbyterian Church's bathroom window to go to different churches in the area. I hoped to find that fulfillment that I was missing but I only felt a bigger void growing. It wasn't until I graduated from high school that I met a young man who told me of his religion that requires people not to drink or smoke. I was intrigued! As a teenager I thought those habits were a MUST to be "cool". BUT~ he was cool without all that. The first time he took me to the L.D.S. Church, as I walked in, I was showered with light and love of the Lord! I knew that I had finally come home! I was impressed with teenagers open shows of affection towards their parents! That was a foreign concept for me!I loved the family atmosphere in the meetings as they worshiped together. I could instantly see these people were not just Sunday-go-to-church people. They seemed to be conscientiously striving to live their religion 24 hours a day- 7 days a week! And I wanted to know more! I couldn't get enough of this new found knowledge! FINALLY answers to "Where did I come from?" "What am I doing here?" "Where will I go after this life?" Before I was lost and spiraling in the darkness. NOW I was rejoicing in the LIGHT and knowledge of the truth of our existence and Heavenly Father's plan of salvation! Without Jesus Christ's great atonement cleansing us form our sins and His gift of resurrection for all, there really would be no purpose or hope to our mortality. It never seemed quite right to me that the Lord of all the Earth would not be speaking to other inhabitants of other nations.I was thrilled to hear that there was also an ancient American civilization's volume of scripture,The Book of Mormon. The Lord himself said all truth shall be established out of the mouth of two or three witnesses. So with the Bible we now have a second witness- another testament that Jesus is the Christ!

How I live my faith

When I joined the church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints just after graduating from high school I was invited to share my talents at a talent show with the women. I was embarrassed to admit I had none (except smiling? ) she said "but surely you sew?" Hence, I began to sew! I loved the idea that this church had no paid clergy and we all take our turn helping this great organization to move forward. I've sung in choirs,been in leadership positions over youth and children's organizations, presented cooking, nutrition,crafts, wardrobe and makeup classes. Most often I am found in teaching positions, usually in Sunday settings for both youth and adults. I also enjoyed teaching daily early morning seminary classes to the teenage youth.Through these decades of service opportunities, I have found many many talents that I never knew I had! ( And I SMILE even more now!) I LOVED learning about Christ's restored gospel. Even though I was raised in a good Christian home in the Presbyterian faith, I found myself wanting more. These new truths of His restored gospel resounded with a familiar tone in my heart. Many of my questions in the Presbyterian faith were met with the quote "that's a mystery". As I studied in my new faith, all the puzzle pieces of life and our purpose started clicking brilliantly together. I loved my new found truths so much that I have taken any opportunity to to share them and served as a missionary on many local missions. Now I'm watching the first of my grandchildren serve missions for the church! They also want to spread the "good news" that Jesus Christ's church has been restored again to the earth. Two of my granddaughters are serving 18 month Spanish speaking missions. One is in Fort Collins, Colorado and the other is in the Dominican Republic! Our oldest grandson returned from his 24 month mission in Salt Lake City one month after his sister left for her mission. I believe many hunger, as I did, for more truths but don't know where to find it