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Hi I'm Rachel

I'm a writer who loves to share the way I see the world. I'm a constant student to life. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I have grown up in a single parent home. My mom has always been a great example to me of someone who never gives up. She has faith in God and through that faith and trying her best to follow the commandments ends have always met (even when it seemed impossible). Growing up in a single parent situation has allowed me to see that who I choose to become as an individual is very important. Things don't always work in the way that we plan, but we can have a unshaken trust in God and He will protect us if we make righteous choices. I am always spinning a story in my head. I may be thinking up an existence under the ocean, in a cold winter cabin, by a lake in north Texas, up a mountain in India, or in my very own life if things were just a bit different. Though I may hate them at times, a good twist in a storyline can bring out the best in a character. It enthralls me when I am reading, or even watching a movie, and I can see a parallel to my own life and challenges. Books and stories of every kind all come from somewhere and can be tied to many things in very bizarre ways.I love to find a book that can bring vocal noises rising out of me like a gasp, shriek, giggle, tears, or a verbal rebuke. I have learned through my first and second semesters in college that, while I am in love with my personal fiction based tales, I enjoy writing essays and speeches. College writing assignments have taught me a bundle about organization and it's place in every form of written work.

Why I am a Mormon

In life I have found that many people are searching for a purpose and may find a temporary fix, but often feel that the hunt for this desired purpose is an unfilled hole. Around the age of sixteen I understood that feeling. I wanted to feel peace when I made a choice, comfort in my heart and mind, and love for myself where those feelings hadn't lingered very often. I could easily love others, just not myself. I didn't know who I was and could not see past my reflection and into the young woman that I wanted to catch sight of. The me I wanted to be seemed so far away and I often wallowed in defeat before making a fresh attempt to find true joy. I won't say that I was never successful in ever being happy, but it always seemed to be short lived and empty and I wanted something that would keep coming and would run out. Around that time my oldest sister left for Washington state to serve a one and a half year mission for the church. Having her leave made me think in depth about her belief in God, which led me to wonder about my own feelings toward God. I believed that He existed, that He created us in His own image, that He inspired prophets and continues to do so today, but I lacked the understanding that He created me to carry out His teachings on this Earth and that if I read the Bible and the Book of Mormon, prayed asking for guidance, and did my best to live my life in a way of righteousness that He would answer me and bring me continued joy. I wasn't alone. Through God and his son, Jesus Christ, I found my purpose: to live righteously everyday, to repent and try harder, to share what I have learned about God's church, and to love unconditionally (even to love myself as God loves me).

How I live my faith

I am a teacher in the church nursery. It's difficult and crazy fun at the same time! We have the eighteen month old to three year old aged children and I see Christ-like love in every single one of the toddlers. It touches my heart to see one of the children tend to another's needs. They have the sweetest innocence within them and I find that I am not only a teacher, but a student to their loving ways.

What do Mormons believe about the Bible? Do they regard it as Holy Scripture and the word of God?

I like to explain it like this: The Bible and the Book of Mormon walk hand in hand not on different elevations. They work together to provide a witness of God, Jesus, and their eternal plans for us. We read the Bible and the Book of Mormon and teach scriptural truths from both books. Show more Show less