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Hi I'm Natalie Rand

I'm a actor/dancer in training, comedian, California girl, family history freak, and I'm a mormon.

About Me

I've lived in Ca my hole life and i'm an only child. I am a freshman in High School, but everyone thinks that i'm older because i'm so mature. I am training to be an actor and also a dancer. I have danced since I was 3. I have been with 2 dance companies and I loved every minute of that time in my life. I have been in 3 plays. I have always wanted to be a dancer. I LOVE to read. My mom is the one to blame for that. I love to swim, bike and hang out with my friends. I LOVE babysitting. I love all the little kids in my ward. I guess I feel like that makes up for me not having brothers and sisters. When ever my friends are having a hard time with a brother or a sister, I tell them go and talk the situation out with them and tell then that you love them. I also tell them that they are very lucky to have their siblings. If you can't find me i am usually with little kids or talking to adults. I'm not shy at all. I'm very outgoing and adventuress. Our family loves to travel and sunday is family game night. I can beat my dad in a game of ping pong sometimes. My dad and i are very competitive, so i like to trash talk whenever I'm playing ping pong or playing a sport with friends. A lot of people think that I'm a tom boy because I always hang out eith my guy friends than my girlfriends and i love playing sports and talking trash and teasing people in a nice way. But i'm not. I also love family history and history. History is my favorite subject in school.

Why I am a Mormon

I'm a mormon because I know that this is God's true church. I have had too experiences in my life to not believe that this is God's true church. I KNOW that the church is true. I know that Joseph Smith did translate the Book of Mormon and that he was a prophet of God. I know that If you ask god a question that he will answer it in HIS time not our time. I know that Jesus Christ died on the cross for me. That I can be forgiven of my sins, and you can repent and be forgiven however big the sin is.

How I live my faith

I am a family history consultant in my ward. During second hour of church i go and help people with their family history. It's a lot of fun. As i was saying before I dance and act alot. I was with one dance company called Dance Society and I loved it. But, when we did the shows the costume wasn't always very modest. We tried to make it modest and if it didnt work out I decided that i wouldn't do that show. It was really hard deciding what I was going to do. But, I knew that I was doing the right thing and that God was prouf of me for making that choice. When I cast for a play I always tell the director that I will only wear costumes that cover my back, shoulders and back. If that can't happen then I'll leave the cast. And the director has respected that. And i know that in the future the director my not like that. I have decided to make that choice now than in that moment. It's always easier to make the decision ahead than in the moment. Also, I'm the only mormon in my highschool class. So, I have a lot of pressure to be a good representative of the church. But, I love every moment of it. Sometimes a lunch a lot of the time we will have religious conversations. And I always try to build on what we both believe in. Because that's the only way they'll understand. So if they believe in God then I tried to build on that. One day at school A girl asked me why I dressed so modestly. I told her, I do it because my body is a holy thing. I need to respect my body that way. She also said why do you always hang out with the cute guys? I said to her thry usually want to hang out with me because I don't drink or smoke or sware and i also don't dress unmodestly. The guys usually want to hang out with girls that dont do those things. And after I finished, she just left. I feal like I'm already on my mission. But I just don't have a companion! I mostly live my faith by not swaring, drinking, by saving myself for marriage, and just being willing to talk about the gospel.