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Hi I'm Julia

Although raised in Kansas, I have lived in VA for nine years until I ended up moving back to KS in October 2015 for job reasons.

About Me

First of all I am an avid reader and there is no specific genre that I enjoy the most so basically if there is a book in my hand either I am checking out if it is good to read or I am reading it at the moment. And if you haven't read it (the majority of people don't even know there is a book) I would strongly recommend reading Felix Salten's "Bambi", which was made into the film by the same name under Disney although the two stories don't even nearly match at all. I also enjoy cooking although I find it a hassle to cook just for myself. I have a whole cookbook tailored to myself that I would like to eventually try out when I get the opportunity.

Why I am a Mormon

I have had on-and-off again problems with Christianity in growing up Presbyterian. In 2010 I started going to Baptist churches in VA although I never truly joined. God kept telling me to hold off for when I had first moved to the state I knew that I was meant to come back home eventually although I didn't know the details. Anyway once I moved back to KS I gave myself a month to try to get used to the public transportation, keeping the peace of my sister's house (she is a non-believer) and trying to secure the job I moved out for in the first place. But after a month I knew that I had to find a church family but I hadn't quite run into anyone who belonged to a church that had offered an invitation nor did I know how to get to the nearest church without public transportation. While I was working at night I asked God to provide me with a church family. Skipping a bit I found myself thrown out of my sister's house with a laundry basket that held those things that I couldn't give up. I was trying to make my way to the storage unit with the rest of my stuff that hadn't been moved while worrying where would I sleep that night while an attempted text was never answered. As I was walking with tears running down my face a car pulled over and the driver asked me if I needed help. Turning around they came back and that was my run-in with the Mormons. They provided me with food then found the homeless shelter while taking me there with my stuff. Afterwards I fought God on the issue, telling Him I wasn't going to be Mormon. But He changed my viewpoint from one of stalkers to protective care. Furthermore He had people answer my questions without me posing them and then replaced my good-for-nothing family with one that is loving past belief while ever-growing. I haven't regretted my decision. Even with the trials there has been too much confirmation by God as well that I've done right in this choice even including my best friend converting also to the church.

How I live my faith

I have just recently joined the church so I haven't received my calling yet in the ward. Otherwise I am just going forth in helping the local Elders and the Sisters when I can with their work or just helping out where God directs me for the day. Keeping to my hobby as well as the infantile stage that I am in I am devoting myself to almost any LDS literature I can get my hands on so I can learn more. I have recently read five books while I have come to the conclusion for those who are looking into the LDS church the best and most informative way of understanding if one is a reader is "Gospel Principles".