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Hi I'm Lauren Reniker

I'm a volleyball player, a pharmacy technician, a pianist, and a future athletic trainer. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Hi! I'm currently a student at BYU-Idaho studying exercise physiology in the hopes of one day being an athletic trainer. As someone who has played sports competitively (volleyball and lacrosse) I know how important it is to make sure that your body is in the best possible shape it can be and that it's important to avoid injury. I want to help people achieve that. In my free-time I explore the mountains around where I live in Utah and I try to see as many things as I can. I work as a pharmacy technician and I also teach piano lessons to the best little kids ever. I'm about to embark on a full-time mission to the wonderful people of the Wisconsin Milwaukee mission Spanish speaking and I couldn't be more excited and grateful for this opportunity!

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because this church is true and God loves me. If you look in Luke chapter 15 of the bible you will find the parable of the Prodigal Son. This parable applies to all of us. My favorite part of that chapter is verse 20 "And he arose, and came to his father. But when he was yet a great way off, his father saw him, and had compassion, and ran, and fell on his neck, and kissed him." I went through a period where I made mistakes, as we all do, and it was hard for me to go to church. I was uncertain whether or not he could still love me the same. It wasn't until I had a very loving teacher explain to a room full of students in a class that only met once each week tell me that our Father is looking for us at all times. We need only turn to him. That scripture hit me so powerfully. Our Father in Heaven knows each and every one of us personally. He atoned for our sins, and it is through his atonement that we are able to return and live with him again. The Book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ. Through it we are able to learn more of his plan for us and grow closer to our Savior as we strive to keep his commandments and work to become better disciples of his. This gospel has given me so much happiness. It has changed my life and made me a better person than I could be on my own. I encourage everyone that has the chance to read the Book of Mormon and pray about it. It will change your life. With it, I have the faith to continue on in doing what the Lord has commanded me regardless of challenges that I face. And with those challenges, I am able to think more positively and I'm happier because of it. I am a Mormon because I love this gospel and I know that there is nothing that can bring me greater joy.

How I live my faith

I live my faith through the things I teach to my piano students. They are also members of the LDS church and through the music I select I try to find things that will help their faith grow. I try to pick pieces that I think they'll enjoy and that will bring them the same joy as they learn more about it. I like teaching them about the prophets or the scriptures that go with hymns that we sing or different piano pieces. Another way that I participate is by going to our Monday night activities each week. It's a way for me and other young single adults to get together and make new friendships as we work together as a ward. Whether that's helping out at a food kitchen or having a barbecue together. One of my favorite things that I do is visiting with a few sisters in particular where I'm able to get to know them better as well as share a monthly message that is aimed at helping them grow closer to our Savior. At the end I ask them if there's anything that they need or would like help on and I feel like it helps me grow closer to our Savior as well and gives me an opportunity to serve them better.

Are all Mormons required to serve a mission?

Lauren Reniker
Not all Mormons are required to serve a mission. Missions are something that many young adults choose to serve because they desire to preach the gospel and share it with others. Retired seniors, men, women, and married couples also choose to serve in order to share the gospel and show their love for the Lord. As a missionary, the person serving is an official representative of the Church. I chose to serve a mission because I felt strongly that this was something I needed do and because I want others to have the opportunity to hear the gospel. Show more Show less

Why was a Restoration of the Gospel needed? Haven’t we always had the Bible?

Lauren Reniker
The restoration of the gospel was needed because it allowed us to have the authority of Christ on the Earth once more. When Jesus Christ was crucified and his apostles were killed, the proper authority to perform things in Christ's name was lost. Although parts of the true church remained, they were eventually scattered and the truth was lost on the Earth. In addition, the keys of the priesthood were lost when this happened. Joseph Smith's experience in the grove, also known as the First Vision, was what allowed the church to be restored. It marked the beginning of the church being restored on the earth, as well as the proper authority and keys to act in God's name. Because of that experience, he was called as a prophet of God and was given the power to translate The Book of Mormon. The Bible and The Book of Mormon work together in helping us to clarify and understand the doctrine of Christ, as well as have another testament that Jesus is the Christ and that he is our Savior and Redeemer. Show more Show less