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Hi I'm Kogan Powell

I live in and love Utah. I'm preparing to serve a mission in Washington. I love the Lord and all his creations and I am a Mormon.

About Me

I always hate these questions because I can never think of how to start them. Me and my family have moved around a lot because of my Dad's work, but we've always stayed in Utah. I'm the youngest (of 7) and it's always been fun because I have one sister that's a year and a half older, but all my other siblings are quite a bit older than us so it's like we've had 3 sets of parents... and some of them spoil us more than others ;). I was homeschooled through most of high school and I feel I was able to really discover a lot of who I am during those years. I enjoy pretty much anything to do with science or math (yeah I know, sorry I brought it up) and my hobbies pretty much consist of "trying this at home". Unfortunately that being the case, it's rare when my experiments actually work (although my Mom might say that's a good thing). A close second to science is music and particularly Epic Music (esp. Thomas Bergersen), which to me and my sister...is the only real music (no offense). I love my family and I know that the Lord will never send us anything that we cannot use to become stronger.

Why I am a Mormon

To those of you who, like me, don't read very far into articles unless there's a joke, I'll just sum it up in a few words... as Elder Uchtdorf said "it works", like it really does. I was born in the Church, so honestly it's never been a serious option for me to "not be a Mormon", I mean it's just what you did. For me basically, (and I'm sure for many other people) it's really just whether or not I actually try and do what I've been taught. I had a seminary teacher once tell me that God never expects us to base our testimony on blind trust, he wants us to base it on proof. And at the moment I though, well that's a little unusual because a lot of times in life you just have to maintain faith even when you have no idea what God is doing. But my seminary teacher explained saying that every time God gives us a commandment, He also promises a specific blessing when we follow it (Malachi 3:10 is just one example of that about tithing). My teacher said that these blessings ARE our proof and as said in Malachi, God WANTS us to test Him and see if He's telling the truth because that leads to a REAL testimony, not just a blind belief in something your parents say is true. This is the reason I am a Mormon is because I've tried it out. Like everyone, there's been times in my life when I haven't lived up to God's expectations, and I have suffered the consequences. On the contrary I've lived as God has told me to live, and it brings the promised blessings and a deep, rich peace that I haven't felt anywhere else. It works, just as He said it would.

How I live my faith

I've been raised in the LDS Church within and LDS community and so for us it's become more of a culture. And although this in many ways is a tremendous blessing, it can sometimes seem like living just below the standards of the Church or "pretending to live them" is acceptable (especially to young adults). The scriptures say that we are to become like God, not simply act like Him or talk like Him. I have learned, especially in the past few years, that simply "acting out" your faith can't teach you the lessons in life that must be learned if you want to really BECOME like God; you must eventually live your faith with your heart: truly wanting to only do what's right, and in your mind: choosing the right because you know it's the best thing you can do. So for me, when I try to "live my faith", I try to live a standard(s) physically, and hopefully at the same time work on truly wanting to live that way in my heart, and then learning (through scripture study and inviting the Holy Ghost to be with me) why I must live that standard if I want true happiness. Of course we're all a work in progress and really that's the point, as long as we are getting better each day or week or month, we're on the right track; you know you're on the straight and narrow path that Christ has created if it's up-hill, and even though it's hard, every time you take a step up, you have to let go of something lower. I love the scripture 1 Cor. 10:13, God will never lead you somewhere or load your pack with something that you cannot use to become stronger. And when Satan tries to pursuade us back down, we can say as Moses in Moses 1:13-"Who art thou, for behold I am a Son of God", or in more familiar english, "Why would I want sin, I'm better than that".