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Hi I'm Matt

I was born in the United States and I am serving a 2 year mission for the LDS church in Quezon City in the Philippines

About Me

I love playing strategy games. I especially like the board game Go, it is the best! I like to think about things a lot and think deeply, which I often do while brushing my teeth, showering, eating, exercising, and so on. Then I get to the end of the day and wonder why my room is not clean! I enjoy writing poems and reading them. I like reading fiction books and listening to podcasts. I like music like whistling and singing and I used to play some instruments in high school, but I don't now. I really enjoy sports, especially some that are not as well known like spikeball and Ultimate (frisbee, but not really frisbee, because that is trademarked by Whamo). I also like to play capture the flags with swords! I like hiking and I have enjoyed climbing gym the two times that I have gone, almost anything physical. I am going to go to college after I am done with my two year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in the Philippines, but I have no idea what for! I have many interests, and I have a hard time deciding what to major in.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because I love God and because He delivered me from a place of darkness and despair when I asked Him to and when I was willing to do what He asked of me. I lived feeling worthless and isolated, as I gave up living a clean and happy life, my ambition increasingly became to work and play video games and once and a while I would act out. Now I have many interests and my highest ambition is to be the best man, the best husband, and the best father I can be. When I was a younger I asked God if this church was His church and if the Book of Mormon was true, and I did receive an answer from Him and have a testimony as to the divinity of this church. That it is the only true church whose leaders and servants are authorized to perform the saving ordinances of Baptism and the Laying on of Hands for the Gift of the Holy Ghost, or the baptism by fire. What is the point of life? For me it is to connect with other people, or to show them true love without needing them to respond or react any certain way. I think that is the only way for it to be pure. I believe as I cultivate love between me and God I must learn to have love for others. As I learn more about my worth and believe it I have an easier time seeing it in others. I also believe that without God I can never learn how to show pure love, because God is Love and God knows all things and has all power. For me I live in ignorance and in many ways still walk in darkness, however God shows me the way to live and what to believe so that I can learn the ways of love. Without this I would never be able to leave false beliefs and denial. I do not always recognize God's love when He shows it, because of my ignorance, however He is willing to allow me to make mistakes and He leads me, and talks to me in ways I can understand in my own heart and through others, and He always knows how to challenge me to right action in ways that are challenging and very doable. The church is how I communicate with God

How I live my faith

Right now I am living my faith by getting ready to go on a mission, or two years telling people about the gospel and inviting others to join what I believe is Christ's church. I do hometeaching each month which is when me and another man in the church visiting some of the other young adults in our ward or congregation and seeing how they are doing and offering help and sharing the word of the Lord. I also stay worthy to attend the temple, which is a special place we worship, however you need to be worthy to attend. Staying worthy involves keeping our bodies clean from things like drugs and our minds and hearts clean from things like sexual lust or impurity. Because I have an addiction, I for a long time was unable or unwilling to meet the standards to go to the temple. I never wanted to do the things that I did do, however I felt more and more hopeless and worthless until God showed me a way out of my addiction. I needed to give up a lot of normal things because they triggered me to go into my addiction. This included video games, even though there is nothing wrong with many of the video games I once played, and many of my friends in the church play them still, I needed to, at least for now, give them up completely. I have not played video games in more than a year, and because of this and other sacrifices I have 10 months of sobriety and recovery and I now attend the temple each week! God helped me be close to Him when I made sacrifices that He needed from me. Making sacrifices is part of how I stay close to God.