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Hi I'm Octavea Walton

I am blessed to have been raised in the wonderful City of Idaho Falls Idaho! I am the youngest of three lovely girls!

About Me

BECAUSE I AM HAPPY AND I WAS BORN TO BE SOMEBODY! I am very much of an optimist! I love to laugh, smile and make others do the same! I love to sing, dance and play the piano. I've played the violin for 12 years! I know. I should be an expert. But it's not my passion. I love to learn about the human body. I have a passion for fashion!! I am going to school to obtain a Masters in Fashion Merchandise and finish with a MBA. The gospel of Jesus Christ has helped me rise to my fullest potential! This gospel helps you recognize your strength's, talents, and your DIVINE purpose. No joke Queens and Kings! This gospel will make and break you. It will put you back together into this individual with humility, passion, love, and divine experience. You will be blessed abundantly. You will meet people that will take you so many places and give you opportunities to serve with all your talents! You will be thrown many trials but, as long as you endure optimistically, your life will have ever lasting joy! You will recognize our loving Heavenly Father is dramatically aware of our lives, actions, thoughts, decisions, and intentions. He is not out to "get you", He is out to help you! I can make a grand promise if you believe and follow His will for you, you will see your life unfold in so many different directions progressing you to become the Queen or King you were always meant to be in the very beginning. Even before once upon a time!

Why I am a Mormon

Why am I am Mormon? This is the REAL question I have been waiting for! Oh my sweet people who are reading this. You will come to find I am very happy and passionate about life and the gospel. You may even assume I have never experienced hardship in my life; and I mean real hardship!! Before I was a Mormon, I lived with a mother who was a drug addict and alcoholic. I never saw her, in fact I remember more men than my own mother. A series of unfortunate events lead to one of my dear sisters stabbing a stepfather of mine leading me away form my family and in foster care. I am really summing up a lot of my life and documenting the turning points. Have you ever seen those shows where the kids are being taken away from their mother by CPS? It really is that dramatic. I found myself in a White home with white people and what seemed like white experiences. They were clean people. I thought to myself, if they only knew. This family... This family made an incredible, loving, positive impression on me. They were so pure, sweet, loving and happy. They loved me. This family had unity in their home. I've never seen such a thing. This family was Mormon. They never judged me or treated me different. They loved me as Christ loved me. When I returned to my mother I never forgot the feelings I experienced with this family. Missionaries came and taught me the gospel. I understood but I wasn't ready. Years past and i was baptized. Life didn't get easy for a really long time. but it did get FANTASTICALLY BETTER! I became blessed with amazing people, schools, and paths leading me to my purpose and true destiny. Because of this gospel i realized God didn't leave me; He lead me down a different path that seemed hard and never ending, guiding me to exactly what I was looking for. i was looking for love, unity, truth, everlasting joy, and consistency. I was looking for my purpose. I found exactly everything I was looking for. I am a Mormon because I found the truth. It is the truth! Amen.

How I live my faith

I would like to call myself a professional, Italian cook! I have a passion, skill, and talent for cooking. I love to cook for my friends and family who come to my home. I also love to cook for my community and serve in soup kitchens. Cooking and conversing with young adults about food, and the real challenges of life, is how I can serve my fellow men in my own special way!