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Hi I'm Jessica

I've lived all across the U.S. I love acting in plays. I'm a human biology major. And I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm a college student studying at Brigham Young University-Idaho. I am majoring in biology with a human biology emphasis and not a solid idea with what I'm going to do with it yet. In high school, middle school, and elementary school I was an avid performer appearing in plays, musicals, and choirs within my school and without. Now that I'm in college it's much harder for me to balance all that, but I try to retain my artistic side by doodling when I can. The margins of my papers have always been filled with self-expression even when I can't fill the stage. I love appreciating art. Reading books is one of my favorite past times and examining how movies tell a story through angles, colors, sound, and direction always astounds me. When I go on walks and sometimes hikes I try to appreciate the art the Lord has created all around us. A spider's only purpose isn't to threaten humans with bothersome bites. A cicada wasn't made just to drown out the summer with its summer call. A weed did not evolve and change from the dawn of time just to spite your lawn. Those hard to appreciate things I try to understand. And even if it's only through a few pictures on my phone I feel like I get to know God's creations a little more. And when I return from those trips I resume my formal studies to be taught of fine arts and scriptures, carbon-hydrogen bonds and perfect ratios. Through each of my classes and experiences I learn and grow to love the world around me and become a great creation also.

Why I am a Mormon

I first became a Mormon when I was born. My parents were members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, so I was a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. And yet, that is only how it started. My grandfather, a convert to the church, once related to my family of how he got acquainted with the Mormons. It was during a state fair, my grandfather was going from tent to tent checking out the sights and such when he stumbled across a tent put up by those of the LDS faith. He felt an extreme calm and peace come over him when he entered. There were pamphlets and I assume at least two young men wearing missionary badges. It was so different than the rest of the hectic fair it brought the Spirit to his heart. He knew that there was goodness and truth there and it brought him to the faith. When I heard this story I wished I too could have such convictions. I had felt the Spirit in the church like my grandfather had before, but it did not translate into truth as easily for me. I wondered if I was making the right decisions. I wondered if I was truly feeling the Spirit. I wondered if there were other beliefs that had the real truth. I wondered how I would know the truth. I wished I was like my grandfather so intelligent, so wise, so logical, but when faced with the ultimate truth he knew it was immediately so. It took and still takes more for me to see as clearly as my grandfather does, but I know this church is true. When trials come into my life, those of which I have failed time and time again, I know it is the Lord who buoys me up with his grace. I know because I have seen my life without Him. I am weak without the Lord, but when I strive in his words I am so strong. I see blessings seeping into my life helping me overcome trial after trial. Things I could not do before are now conquerable. I am filled with light and joy when I strive to follow Him. And through these things I know the church is true and I know there is no other way to live.

How I live my faith

I am blessed with a wonderful family of 3 sisters, 3 brothers, and two loving parents. When I'm around them I feel so thankful that families are a part of God's plan. We eat together, play together, work together, and are there for one another. But now I'm in college. Idaho is very far from North Carolina where it sometimes feels my heart lies. I cannot always see my family, I cannot always be with them like I used to, and sometimes when they call with their familiar voices I ache to not hear them anymore lest I miss them more than I can bear. And yet, I still remain here. I chose to come to Brigham Young University-Idaho because I knew it was a college of not only mental teaching but also spiritual teaching. If I chose to go to a college in North Carolina where I could visit my family as often as I'd like I know I would be sacrificing something else. I'm continually blessed by the spirit of love, kindness, and community as I walk the halls of BYUI. I'm continually blessed by teachers, leaders, and students who have standards and beliefs conducive to my own. We are able to build each other up, to become greater than we are, to follow the Savior's plan for us together. I know that if I went to a secular school I would be not be able to have all those spiritual teaching aids in the same capacity. In fact, I believe I might meet many spiritual retardants that would bring me down into spiritual affliction. Because of my faith in the church I sacrifice, however, because of my sacrifice I also grow. I miss my family today to be a better person tomorrow. And because of my faith soon I will go on a mission to bring the gospel to others. They will have joy to know that sacrifices and trials are not for nothing, that we are always working towards something greater. And I will have joy because I have helped them towards that something greater.