What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Jason

I grew up in Utah Valley, I am a Missionary. I am a Mormon

About Me

I like to bike, and I love to read. I am the second youngest of seven children, and an uncle five times over. I am a logical thinker,and prefer to listen to others talking when in a group setting. I find that I learn more that way than if I was trying to figure out what to say next. Talking doesn't flow smoothly with me, but what I do say I mean, although I have been known to blunder in with my foot in my mouth. I have trouble expressing my emotions, but that is because most of the time i am feeling so deeply or personally, that I do not know if I have the words to share them correctly. I love music as long as the message is good, and I have played the clarinet for 6 years.

Why I am a Mormon

Like so many others in Utah Valley, I was born into a Mormon family and grew up in the church with them. We always attended the meetings, went to the youth activities and summer camps, participated in Scouting as an approved young men's organization, and had family scripture study. But that didn't make me a Mormon. Sure, it meant that I had good examples in my life, so I never got into gangs, drugs, alcohol, or crime. But many of those options were offered to me, and even though my answer was an emmediate no in those situations, it was only because I had thought about them before as a possibility and decided that I didn't want them. But even these choices don't make me a Mormon. Over a period of time I had to sit down (many times) and decide wether or not I thought that this church was true, and that it's teachings were ones that I should continue to follow in my life. I had concerns that needed resolving, and choices that needed forgiving that I wasn't sure could be. But when I prayed for help and guidance, the feeling of love that I recieved from the Lord was the most wonderful thing that happened to me. He did not convey doubt of my intentions or disgust at my choices or how little I had achieved as I had so greatly feared. The ONLY feeling He conveyed was one of love so overwhelming that to feel it as strong as He did seemed too much for someone like me. He loved me, and still does. I know that no matter how badly I or anyone else mess up in life and wonder how this could possibly ever be fixed, all we have to do is repent of it in our hearts and pray for forgiveness. Then we will feel that overwhelming, inconcievable love in our hearts to know that He has a way for us to go back to him in the end, and look at Him without shame, because we lived the best we could and He loved us every step we took to get there.

How I live my faith

I attend church every sunday, even though sometimes at the beginning I feel that I would rather be reading a book or taking a nap. But that is part of the reason why I go. I go to reorient myself spiritually and feel the love of the Lord. I go to hear people share experiences and lessons from their own lives which can help me through difficult times of my own. I also go home teaching to members of my ward and sharing God's love of his children during the week. Now, I am embarking on a new and very daunting task. I am going to devote two years of my life to a mission for the church, to share the love I have for God and His church to others.

What is the purpose of the welfare services of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints?

Welfare is to help those who ned it to get back on their feet. It is not a permanent aid, nor is it for those who wish for gain with no effort. For those who truly need it however, it is a blessing sent from God himself, that often means being relieved from having to choose between food or paying the heating bill. I was raised on Welfare for a good part of my childhood. My father seemed to be between jobs a lot, although maybe not as much as I remember, and the welfare program meant food on the table, pudding for dessert sometimes, fresh vegetables that tasted so good! The strongest memory I have concerning the welfare program,was the winter that they let me pick out a coat. All the clothes I had my whole life had been from other families or hand-me-downs from siblings who had gotten them from other families. being able to get my own coat that was mine and no-one else's was such a special day, that It has stuck in my memory these last thirteen years. I will always be grateful for the welfare program, because it meant the difference between having a manageable life at home, and my mother crying herself to sleep from sorrow. Because of it, she didn't have to Show more Show less