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Hi I'm Janette McMullin

I'm a teacher, a mother, a wife, and a friendly extrovert.

About Me

I grew up in Alberta, Canada, then moved to Georgia when I was high school aged. The bible belt is where I learned about the LDS church and was baptized. I was pretty naive, having no religious background - and did not anticipate how I and the LDS church would be received in that area. I was presented with both valid questions and false accusations, which I also pondered, researched, and prayed about. I essentially gained my testimony by reading the Book of Mormon every day, while intermittently focusing my studies on an area brought to my attention. Later I studied at a university in Utah, served a mission in Ohio, and taught high school in Arizona. I now live with my husband and three kids in Oregon. We love running through sprinklers, baking muffins, drawing with sidewalk chalk, blowing bubbles, listening to birds chirping, building and knocking down towers, and creating a safe environment where we can learn from our mistakes.

Why I am a Mormon

I want to connect with truth and love. And the label that has been put on how God has presented the truth about Himself and allows us to be filled with His perfect love is the "Mormon Church." The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is where the Lord communicates with the world, all of us alive in these last days, so that we can turn to Him as we raise our families and navigate through mortality, finding a path back to Him. There is truth and love all around us, and it would be very confusing and time consuming to gather what is good from each organization the world over. So God made it simple and clear by restoring the fullness of His gospel in one place - for our benefit and our blessing. Ancient scripture has a unique, important, and formidable role in God's design for teaching us. Knowing there would be lots of differences on how to translate the Bible, God called prophets anciently to record scripture in the Americas (while the Bible was recorded in Jerusalem). These scriptures are known as the Book of Mormon - they back-up, clarify, and go along side the Bible in testifying of Jesus Christ. I have grown close to God's love and grown in my understanding of eternal things through the study of scripture. The things of God teach our soul and connect us with the divine; our mind isn't meant to wrap around or understand them - which is great! Because that means when we go to our Father in Heaven, and ask, seek, or knock wanting to know about Him and His will for us in this life, He will fill our soul with His love and His truth. His witness to our soul is more certain than anything the 5 senses of our body could confirm. And a spiritual journey is taken with the Lord, so every step is made using His principles and doctrines, which never fail. My perspective on life has been made beautiful through gratitude, hard work, service, and charity. I know the Savior is ready and willing to pour out abundant blessings to all those willing to believe on His name.

How I live my faith

I think there's a lot of power in eye contact and a smile. If I look you in the eyes I'm communicating that I see you! You exist! You matter! And when I smile I'm sharing my conviction that everything is OK! We have been given the Comforter so that when we have peace, we know nothing else matters. When we're afraid, angry, or negative then we know that there is something we need to change so that we can be one with God's peace and joy again. A smile says: happiness is out there! For you! For all of us! It is made clear and available to everyone! Rejoice! I want to express to my fellow man that "You exist and You matter!" So I will look you in the eye and smile! A smile is also powerful because it is a symbol of kindness, of friendship, of warmth, of love; and our greatest need is the same - to be loved. And the source of all love is God. He is our Father and we are more connected that I could begin to understand; and when I smile I feel more connected to the people around me, more concerned for their happiness, and I get a taste of God's love for His children. I want to be a light, a help, an instrument in the Master's hands to uplift and guide people closer to His love. It's a journey that we all get to take with Him - He is perfectly loving and the master teacher. What an amazing gift in mortality!