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Hi I'm Matt

I grew up in New Jersey. I was student body president. I love finance and suits. I'm a mormon.

About Me

I am an outdoorsy and adventurous kind of person! If you said that we were going on a hike or going out onto the water, I would be there in a second. As I was growing up I had come to find out that I loved to be social and outgoing. If there was ever an event that was a party or just hanging out with some friends, one could expect Matt Wanlass to be there. I believe I demonstrated this passion and love through different positions that I held while I was in high school. One of those positions I held was being my high school's student body president,through diligence and hard work I was able to be everyone's friend and a caring leader, who just wanted to make the school atmosphere more like home. Also in high school I had the honor of being the tennis team captain. While serving in this role I lead by example, so that my team could be successful because our motto was "Work Hard,Play Harder." Some other things about me is that I love business! Ever since I was 16 and I played the stock market game, I was hooked on investing. At the age of 17 I then started investing on my own realizing how perplexing the market really was. Currently I am now at BYU studying finance hoping one day to go into investment banking! Not to mention I am obsessed with suits! I just love the feeling of being able to dress to impress. Lastly I am excited to say that I will be serving a mission for my church starting in January 2016. I will be serving in Porto, Portugal which will be a really cool place.

Why I am a Mormon

I am often asked the question, "why are you mormon?" For myself, It is because I want to be a true follower of Jesus Christ. With that comes obideience to His gospel and being apart of His church. At the age of 16 I wasn't exactly sure if this church and gospel were true or not.I mean it had always made sense to me, but I never had a spiritual experience like everyone talks about. So I decided to open the Book of Mormon and read it. While doing so I prayed that I could find out to know whether it was true or not. My prayer was answered.It was miraculous not in the way like I thought though.I didn't have God appear before me or a bunch of angels surround me, but it was through the still small voice I know now to be The Holy Ghost. As I came to the realization of the truth of the Gospel I then recognized other areas of my life that The Lord's hand had been in. He had always been there. Watching over me and beside me, but I was just not letting him into my life and ignoring the truth that was around me all the time. I may not know everything, but one thing is for sure and that is that The Book of Mormon is true and another testament of Christ. Joseph Smith was indeed a true prophet, who I am thankful for. Thomas S. Monson is a living Prophet who leads us and guides us in these latter days. I can say all these things without a shadow of a doubt. I would die before I ever denied my testimony because it is that real. I would not be the same Matthew Stewart Wanlass without this true and everlasting gospel. Amazingly enough I know I still have much to undergo in my life before this journey, life, is over and I am in no way, shape, or form perfect! That being said, I do try and until the day I die I will try to be more like Christ everyday! It is amazing how much influence Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father have in your life all around you, we just simply need to open our eyes to see it. Now my challenge is to go read the Book of Mormon. I did at 16 and it changed my life.

How I live my faith

Faith can be displayed in all different forms. For myself,faith, is the most important aspect of the gospel because it dictates how I conduct and hold myself. One of the ways I show faith is by serving others. I am blessed with the opportunity in our church to look after certain members and family,of our local church unit. While checking up on these families I don't only check on their physical or worldly needs, but I get to cater to their spiritual needs as well. I do this by preparing a spiritual message that I share with whoever I teach. It has been remarkable to see the changes that these simple acts of faith have brought. Whether I rack some of these members' leaves or I bring them cookies, I literally have the biggest smile for every act of service I get to participate in. The reason being is that I know I am just an arm of Jesus Christ down here on Earth for what he would be doing himself in person. It is remarkable to see the incredible changes that happen to you as you start to lose yourself by caring for others. How could I call myself a real disciple of christ and have faith in him if I do not serve his children? Well the fact of the matter is I wouldn't be able to. Faith is not only believing in something but it is then acting upon those same principles that you know to be true. Other opportunities I have to really live my faith are being able to help the youth in our church. From playing basketball with them to just being their friend, I always find great joy and satisfaction in helping the youth of our church. At the end of the day I know that as long as I follow Christ and did as he did, I will be able to do even more to live my faith. Lastly and most importantly I live my faith by trying to improve. Obviously, Jesus Christ was the only perfect being to walk this planet. Meaning for the rest of us we have things to do to become better. Whether I try to clean up my day to day language or just be a little kinder, it is out of my faith in Jesus Christ!