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Hi I'm Terri

I grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah. I am a writer, musician, photo-artist, and animal lover. I don't kill spiders. I am a Mormon.

About Me

I am a bit of a native Mormon and a convert. I grew up in a strong LDS family, but fell away when I was 18 because I did some really dumb things and was ashamed. It took me 22 painful years filled with depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and more devastating choices before I began to really dig inside to discover my true self again. I found her. She was right where I left her in 1993 - holding hands with Jesus Christ. I finally admitted that the happiness and peace I so longed for was right where I had left it. I had blissfully labeled myself as "spiritual but not religious." That meant I felt God, I knew He was there, I appreciated nature and all of the incredible things He created on this earth, I felt His love when I hugged a tree or put my face in an icy waterfall, but I was too proud and blinded by shame to just admit that He was real and everything I learned as a child was true. My conversion was a miracle. I am still me, just a happier version! I still practice yoga by the river, hug trees, and put my face in waterfalls. The only difference now is that I don't do most of those things on Sunday! Today, I fully appreciate that our loving Creator made not only this world, but Me and You. He made this world FOR us, filled it with all sorts of pretty extras, and he lovingly provided His gospel so that when we leave this world, we can return to His presence. He's our dad. He just wants us to come home. I'm going Home. Come with me! I'll save you a seat.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because I have tried many different ways of living, and I never felt quite satisfied. There was always something missing..something more that my soul longed to experience. I craved a higher state of being, a purpose, direction. I now live with an eternal perspective. The choices I make in this life are important. They affect not only my mortal life now, but my eternal existence as a child of God. I could probably worship God alone in a tree and be very happy. I did that for a while. I could be a good person without religion. There are many people who are. But the Mormon faith is about support and unity. We don't have to go through life alone. Life is hard enough without trying to push through our trials alone. I love and appreciate my brothers and sisters who come together to support one another. We all give of our time and talents freely for the good of the whole. That just feels good. It feels right. It feels true.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by striving every day to be a pure and clear channel for God's love. This world needs as much love as it can get! It is amazing what a genuine smile can do to brighten someone's day. I love to do nice things for people when I am driving. That kind of kindness is contagious. I like to think that if Jesus was in my body for the day, what would he choose to do? How would he help? Would he let that distracted lady merge in front of him on the freeway? I have an active Instagram account that I use to post my photographs of nature or LDS temples. I am blessed to live in such a beautiful state, surrounded by several temples, so I owe it to the world to share the beauty that is all around me. Every photo is accompanied by a scripture and/or thoughts on my journey back to the gospel. The internet can be a powerful force for good when we choose to use it as such.

Why don’t Mormons drink coffee, tea, or alcohol? What is the Mormon Church’s law of health and proper diet?

Tobacco, alcohol, coffee and tea, and illegal drugs all have one thing in common - they are all addictive and/or habit-forming. Freedom of choice is one of the most important things we have in this mortal life. We are here to be tested in the ways we will use the gift of agency (choice). When we choose to consume addictive substances, we run the risk of limiting our ability to choose down the road. One cup of coffee may not hurt, but when we consume it in a regular basis, it becomes a habit, and suddenly a person "can't function" without it. God desires that we remain free to choose of our own will, not that we be compelled to choose something because the flesh desires or "needs" it. Show more Show less