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Hi I'm Tim

Grew up in Ohio. Moved to CA in 1988. Been a Eng VP in Silicon Valley startups for the last 24 years. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

My parents were not Mormon, met in high school and were married very young, then came me. We lived in Detroit, Ohio, New York, Montreal and back to Ohio. I had a fantasitc childhood filled with sports, bikes, great schools, freedom to create a little mischief (nothing serious), fun grandparents. I just remember having all the benefits of middle class America during the 70's. I was very happy kid. Parents were products of the 60's so one might say that a good time was almost guaranteed. We all became Mormon when I was 12 and just embraced it. The people were just so real and fantastic I went to college, married and have led lead software engineering startups to IPOs, profitable sales, as well as a few failures, learning along the way. We have three kids. The human experience is a mixed bag, with ups and downs. Lessons to learn dealing with health (autism), wealth (collapse of the 2001 bubble), family (7 siblings, all w families embracing the continuum of life's challenges and victories), addictions, fear, love, etc. Through it all, the love of a good woman has made all the difference for me. It cannot be all for naught. I love to coach football and host large parties, tailgates, charity events. I love a crowd. The busier the better. I still play a little basketball, enjoy golf and am learning woodworking now that the kids are older and on their way in life. Recently had a 50 birthday party with family and friends. Great fun, food, dancing, golf, etc. Wonderful stuff.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a logical person. When I golf I have a mental checklist of things I do for each shot. ha. I know. That is not good all the time. But that is me. I am always solving a puzzle. I think through everything as an engineer and always ask "Why". The Gospel had logical answers. It answered the "why" in my life. There are great churches and religions in the world. As I studied them all, this gospel was the most simple and comprehensive, embracing all of human history, all the wisdom literature and prophets of old, all the diversity of life experiences. It gave me the logic, context and power to navigate the mixed bag of our human experience. Jesus Christ lives and because of Him, we will also. That is a tremendous thing to know. To really know. I know it by searching for Him in my life like you may be doing now. We are on earth for a purpose. Our experiences are unique and are for our learning, however difficult; life can be hard. It is also full of grand joys. Some never find God, but their life is not yours and the timing and unique circumstance of their life is needed for them as yours is for you. This gospel was a great next step in my journey. We are unique and loved children of God. We are created for a purpose, and life is powerfully lived if you follow the bread crumbs to find its fullness. Its easy to say God is not real or He does not care about me -- its like saying my friends do not care about me and that is why I never call or hang out with them. We are old enough to know that if you re a good friend, then you will find a good friend. Reach out to God and He is there. He is always there. Your earth life is but a small moment away from Him, to find yourself. Seek Him and you will find true joy. I promise. You have the choice. It is self evident to me that we come to earth and get body, just as it is self evident to me that its God's will that we get to choose in whatever situation we are in what we will do and what bread crumbs we will follow..

How I live my faith

I go to Church each Sunday, work with the youth group on weekenights. I work hard to put family first when I am home. I take the time to listen to each of my kids, coach them along. I answr others questions and help them through their difficulites as best I can. I pray, read scriptures -- Bible and Book of Mormon. I like to read scriptures and a lot of biographies of great men to learn from their lives to learn to be a better man myself. I think by doing my best I honor my parents and my Fathr in heaven. I really know He is my Father in heaven and I will see Him again. I have felt the Holy Ghost as the scriptures have taught. I know what that feels like after 40 years of praying, reading and studying diligently. You can fell it too if you have a little faith and seek for those treasures. Do not let fear stop you.

Why do Mormons perform baptisms for the dead?

There is an official Church answer quoting scriptures from the Bible. Read that first. It is pretty good. For those wanting more logical depth, I know. Its hard. For example, why can't they just get baptized themselves after the rapture or resurrection? Open your heart. If you can't maybe you are too logical like me. It takes some faith, but over time the Lord teaches. For example, my logical mind takes me to this one (of many) thoughts I will share here: 1. Ancient temples pointed to Christ's 1st coming in the flesh. The sacrifice of animals, etc. were a symbol of the Lords atonement and sacrifice. Read the Old testament and you will see. 2. Modern temples point to Christ's 2nd coming. All Christians look forward to His millennial reign. As the parable of the Ten Virgins teaches, Christ was covenanted to His bride and came back after many years away "preparing a house for her". Upon return, the ancient marriage custom dictated that if the bride is pure, there is a great wedding feast (Lord's coming). We make covenants like baptism, to be clean, contrite, to love, etc. A little deep, but that is why I go to the temple. To prepare for the Lords 2nd coming, to ponder and acknowledge God in "the House of the Lord", to experience a place set a side for holiness, to prepare my family living and deceased for when the Lord comes again with the "hosts of heaven" in that "Great (for some) and terrible (for others) day".. Show more Show less