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Hi I'm Sarah Earl

I'm a musician and student at BYU. I'm passionate about life and learning. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

My two great passions are scholarship and musicianship. I love to study and take classes, and have been heard to complain about how boring life is with no homework during the summer months. I have participated in many choir and opera programs in my area, and I am studying to become a choir teacher someday.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because I need the guiding and protecting influence of the Savior in my life. By watching friends and family members of other faiths, I have come to realize that my life goes much better when I do the things God has asked me to do, and avoid the things that He has asked me to avoid. Of course, this doesn't mean my life is free from problems, but for the I am insulated from many of the self-destructive temptations and influences out there because I follow Jesus Christ. Life is like a great big hike, a hike so long and so steep that all you can see is the peak of a mountain looming before you. Although you know there is more beyond, you can't see anything but the huge mountain in your way; you think you'll never get past it. As you keep going, however, you will find one day that that mountain now seems tiny as it recedes in the distance. Now there is another, bigger mountain lying ahead, but it doesn't scare you anymore. You can see how far you've already come, and you're proud of yourself for making it past that smaller peak. This is what being a Mormon is like. Every few years, I look back and my life and I'm amazed at the mountains I've climbed. Things that I didn't think I'd ever reach, I've already accomplished and moved even farther beyond. I know that I couldn't do this without my Savior, Jesus Christ. He is the one leading the hike of my life; He is helping me navigate each switchback and guiding me along every rocky path. He has kept my life on course. He is leading me to the green pastures and still waters that lie at the end of my journey. I am so grateful to Him for believing that I am worth the trip.

How I live my faith

I love to study the gospel of Jesus Christ from a scholar's perspective. I frequently take classes about the origin of the Bible and Book of Mormon, study maps of the Holy Land, read from many different translations, and pray to understand all I can about the Good News of the gospel. I also participate in my local church congregation by teaching lessons and choosing hymns for the worshippers to sing. I have directed a small, volunteer church choir dedicated to bringing the Spirit of the Lord into our meetings.

Do Mormons worship Joseph Smith?

Sarah Earl
Mormons respect and perhaps even revere Joseph Smith as a Prophet of God. We even sing hymns about him, such as "Praise to the man." We do not, however, believe that Joseph Smith was a divine figure of any kind, but rather a good man enabled by the power of God to bring forth the Good News of the gospel in modern times. We do not worship him in any way, but we pay homage to him out of gratitude for the knowledge we could not possess without his diligent efforts. Show more Show less