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Hi I'm Jacob

I'm a Mormon, a Soccer Player, a Cross-Country Runner, Theater Hobbyist, and a Full-Time Missionary

About Me

I grew up in Utah in a family of just me and my mom. My Dad died in a car accident when I was one years old sadly--I don't remember him. Later in life, my mom took it upon herself to adopt two girls in our extended family who were in a bad situation. It was tough at first going from the only child to a brother of an all girl family (even all of our current pets are female) but I adjusted, and my sisters and mom are awesome. When the time came for me to go on a full-time mission, I wasn't really sure if I'd be able to go. In high school, I was diagnosed with mild-depression, and missions are hard mentally and physically. I ended up having to wait a year to get my depression under control, and it was hard to see the rest of my friends go on missions while I had to wait for my depression to get balanced out. The good news is, I was able to go out into the mission field, and I am currently serving a mission in Texas, speaking, wait for it--Marshallese! During my period of waiting, I had to learn how to really start growing up. I got a full-time job, enrolled and attended college at Salt Lake Community College, and eventually, ended up participating in a musical, Mary Poppins. It was there doing that musical that I really started to find happiness, because I started to realize my potential to be happy as I discovered that I liked singing and dancing a lot. So, that's me, I like playing soccer, running long-distance, I love participating in musical theater, and I'm a missionary.

Why I am a Mormon

Some people may say since I grew up in Utah that I was born into the religion and had no choice. Quite the contrary! Around my freshman year of high school, I realized that I need to asses whether or not this church was true, and whether it would be worth it to continue being a Mormon. In seminary, my teacher told us a story of Joseph Smith. People back in his day, even those a part of the church, questioned whether or not he was actually receiving visions and instructions from God. Joseph Smith would record these, (it later became a book known as the Doctrine and Covenants) and after he recorded these wonderful revelations and answers to his questions he had asked God, he challenged the people who challenged him to try writing what he wrote when he received a vision from God, completely original. They couldn't do it, not even a simple one that could probably only be two or three sentences long. Even back then, that probably didn't convince everyone, but that helped convince me. Along with praying, reading the Book of Mormon to find if this church was true, God told me through his holy spirit that this church was true. I could've run away and totally refused to be a Mormon, even after that. But I love this church, I love the people in it, and I love the lessons that help us so much in life. God has an amazing plan for us here on this earth, and even though there may be a lot of rules, I've come to realize that these rules actually give us more freedom than suppression, and it has made me happier than I could ever be without the church.

How I live my faith

Basically, you pray at meals, pray morning and night, go to church, and attend social or service activities in the middle of the week. However, I also have other responsibilities in my church. I'm part of the group that helps organize "sunday school" so our members can come and get a good lesson about our church. I also teach the gospel to fellow members at my church in their homes once a month, and visit with them to make sure they're doing all right. That can be awkward at times, but I know that it helps the people in our church, and even if they don't say it, people usually appreciate being looked out for, and also appreciate that others love them in a brotherly or sisterly way.

Why do Mormons believe in the Bible?

We believe the Bible because it tells of Christ, and tells that he was the Savior and Redeemer of this world. We believe in Christ! The Book of Mormon also tells of Christ, but without the Bible, some things aren't as clear. They work hand in hand with each other. Show more Show less

Do Mormons worship Joseph Smith?

No. We don't :) Joseph Smith taught us to follow and love God and his son, Jesus Christ. Whenever he's brought up in a lesson at church, we usually learn about what he did to bring the church together. What he did was tough, and we respect him for that. But we don't worship him, pray to him, or teach others that we should. Show more Show less