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Hi I'm Noah

I was born in the church, rarely went for 12 years, Moved a little bit, and play a ton of video games. And I'm a Mormon

About Me

My name is Noah. I'm the oldest of 3, with my brother being 1 1/2 years younger than me, and my sister 8 years younger. Where we grew up, the church was an hour's drive away, so we didn't go a whole lot. The times we did go, with a couple of little boys who couldn't sit still, my family would barely be able to survive the first hour. We moved to Utah when I was 7 trying to get closer to my mom's side of the family. From 2nd grade until 7th grade, I was an outcast. All the people in school had already made their friends, and I was that weird kid who played too many video games and read too many books. We were never seen at church. I was never able to hold on to a friend for more than a few months before one of us would move away. As well, my parents were very obese. They loved me and my siblings, but we couldn't really do much as a family. Weekends were spent watching TV. Trips to the park were rare, and we usually just fed the ducks. We didn't do much. Life kinda just blurred by for about 6 years. That all changed one Fall day. A 13 year old boy invited me to scouts, and something clicked in my family. Over the following year, my family became reactive in the church. Everything became happier and better. We've moved to California a couple years later, making many more friends and memories. I still had lots of struggles, but the Lord and his people always lifted me up. I did a year of college at BYU-I, but now I'm serving a mission in Iowa. And I wouldn't change a thing.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because of the great joy and peace it has brought me. Life outside of this church was mostly just a blur and nothing new or exciting really happened. There were times of happiness and peace, as everyone can find, but through this church, I have been blessed with it no matter where I go. I've seen so many blessings and miracles, and they all came to pass through faith in Him, His work, and His people. While I know I'm not perfect, and would never think I was anywhere close, I know that I can grow closer to Him by following Jesus' example. I know of the great love and concern He has for us. I know that He wants each of us to return back to him and to feel His heavenly embrace once again. I know that God puts people in our life for very specific reasons. I know that it is through people that he works his most mighty miracles. I know that if it weren't for this church and doing the things He would want me to do at just the right time, that my life would be just another big blur. I know that His bright light will always guide me to do right. I know that His plan for each and every one of us is one of joy and happiness and peace and love. I know that trials and challenges afflict everyone. I know at times it's not fair and not right. I've witnessed so many people who are going through things I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. I know I've had my own trials as well. The greatest thing I know, though, is that Jesus Christ is always right there beside us. I know that if we simply call out to Him, have faith, and endure, He will lift us back on our feet, back to steadily climbing that steep mountain we call life. It may not be instantly. I know it won't be instantly. But if we weather that darkness, with hope and faith, we will rise on the wings of angels. Angels of Heaven and Earth are all around ready to give us aid. I know this church is true. I know the Book of Mormon is true, and that prophets guide and lead us today. And I know Jesus Christ loves us.

How I live my faith

I was baptized when I was 8, and so was my brother 2 years later. After that, we stopped attending church though. Once we came back, I had many different callings. As a young boy in Utah, I attended Boy Scouts. Through weekly activities with my church, we did lots of service, as well as personally grew to love others more. In church, I held a few different assignments, usually being the scribe for the 12-14 year olds, but sometimes even leading them. I would organize lessons, make plans for what we could do to grow closer in Christ, as well as thought of the young men who weren't attending church. When we moved to California, I became a little more of a background member again, but always went to weekly activities and monthly stake dances. When I was a Junior in high school, I got to help plan and organize a Mormon Youth Conference, or big weekend camp-out for everyone ages 14-18. That year, we reenacted a much shorter version of the trek the Mormon Pioneers made from Missouri to Utah. Along with that calling, I helped planned a Mormon Prom for all the members in the area. A lot of the Mormons enjoyed the high school's Prom, but wanted something else that was a little more modest and not quite as challenging to keep to their standards. Our area had been doing this dance for a few years now, and it was always a blast. Everyone loved the Mormon Prom, to the point where next year, a lot of non-Mormons wanted to go! In college, I was called to be the churches chorister. I was the one who led the congregation in singing hymns of praise and love to our Heavenly Father. Every Tuesday, we had someone give a spiritual talk in the school's auditorium, that I always tried to attend, as well as invited others to come. Now, I'm a Missionary. I was called to serve in the area Iowa, and as I serve, I know that I will help people find that same love and joy that I was able to find again through this Church.