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Hi I'm Kate

I'm a software developer from Texas and a Mormon

About Me

I'm a software developer and graphic designer for slot machines - besides that and being a lesbian, I sometimes think of myself as someone the church probably wouldn't want to show off, despite my devotion. I also either highly offend or highly amuse the people who ask me how I found the church - I'm known as the gal who accidentally got missionaries sent to my home because I wanted to dress up like one of the characters from the Book of Mormon musical and ordered the Book online. That's the short version, though - the version I tell to get a quick laugh (or an offended glance depending on the audience.) The whole story's more complicated, but let's just say I planned on reading the Book and it was actually a pleasant surprise when I realized missionaries would be coming to see me, and I went ahead and went to visit an LDS church before their arrival (the wrong one, as it turned out.) The truth was, I just got something different out of the musical than most - I wanted people to come talk to me, be nice to me, and to always trust them not to abuse either me or drugs and alcohol, which I always disliked. The truth is, I have always loved religion, even in my agnostic and atheist phases. Nothing really stuck with me until I found what I believe to be God's true Church. The kindness and warmth I've received makes me want to add my own experiences and talents to the Church so that I can help the world in some small way.

Why I am a Mormon

I believe this is God's true Church. A lot of what's said just rings so much more true to me than any other denomination I've been a part of. I never liked thinking that those who committed horrible crimes got off scott-free by just asking forgiveness with no repentance process. But I also never liked thinking that the good people of other faiths were immediately punished after death, as well. Even in times I wasn't practicing a faith, I always felt a great respect for religion and the religious. And to be honest, while having so many moments of doubt, I just wasn't as happy. Being a part of the Church has given me new friends and family. I had always loved reading the Bible, so getting to read the Book of Mormon was like more Bible to me. I loved every moment of it. I really felt like the Holy Spirit was guiding me to join the Church the first time I read it.

How I live my faith

I try to help people. I'm secretary for the women's group here, and I was very excited to receive a calling so soon after my baptism. I keep the commandments, the Word of Wisdom, and stay celibate (this was my own desire even before conversion - never liked coffee or tea, either. I'd say it was meant to be.) I've been trying to pick up other habits like journaling and family research - not an easy feat for someone as unorganized as me, but I'll keep trying. Being a convert, I like to think I'm a more enthusiastic study than most - I love reading the scriptures and finding out more of the Church's history. I also try to spread the word when I can and feel it's appropriate to do so. I always liked volunteer work, and now I have more opportunities than ever!