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Hi I'm Scheridan

I'm a Southern Californian girl. I'm 5 foot 1, a camper, a fisher, a musician, a college student, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Hi, howdy, hey! I'm currently attending school on the east coast, but am from Southern California. I've been in band for 9 years and have marched for all of them, I play trumpet. I love the outdoors. You will more than likely peak my interest with a fishing trip than you will with a manicure... but I love those too! I was a member of NCL, and loved my time as a tick-tocker. The love of serving has never left me, and I will be serving a mission come December! I am a big fan of SuperWhoLock, though I am behind a few seasons. I have a love for learning and hope to be able to one day receive a degree in Electrical Engineering. I have a passion for renewable energies, and want to make it my life's career to improving the way the energy is produced, harvested, created, and converted. I have a strong appreciation for those who choose to serve, be it armed forces or as missionaries. I work hard to get any job I am given done, and strive to do my best. I know what it means to be the odd ball out, so I try my hardest to include everyone and extend the hand of friendship their way. The world is my oyster, and sometimes it gets a little dirty, but that just means one day, I'll have a nice big pearl for my troubles.

Why I am a Mormon

I'm a Mormon because it brings me peace, because I know it is true, and because I have had my own personal conversion. I am a Mormon because the Plan Of Salvation makes sense to me and I've received confirmation of its sanctity. Eternal Families are so important and so possible, that it makes me sad to think that anyone would/could miss out on having their families sealed together for time and all eternity. I choose to be a Mormon because I know the God lives, as does his Son, Jesus Christ. I know that Christ is my Savior. And by suffering for me in the Garden of Gethsemane and on the Cross, he paid for my sins. He gave me, us, the atonement so that we could return to our loving father above. I testify that this is the restored Gospel of Christ. Meaning that is has all of his teachings and principles. This Church, is the Living Church, and we are able to receive direct correspondence with God and Christ, so that we may be led and directed properly according to the times and situations that currently face us. The Prophet and Apostles are called of God, and work to guide this church as He would, if he were to physically sit at its head. The prophet Joseph Smith was also called by God. He asked in earnest prayer which church to join, and received an answer that none were complete, and that the full Gospel was absent from the earth. Joseph Smith was the first prophet of the Restoration, and he, along with his called and properly ordained apostles, brought the full and everlasting Gospel back to earth. I'm a Mormon because it brings me peace and happiness. I am a Mormon because I can no more deny the truths I know and this Gospel, than I can deny that there are clouds in the sky or the Sun is a star.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by being a confident and loving person. I do not hide or keep my Membership to the LDS Church a secret, but I also do not go around shoving it in people faces. I live by my/the church's standards and often times this makes me stick out in certain situations - such as during weekends on my college campus, or not attending events on the Sabbath, choosing not to cuss, or finding an alternate activity to a rated R movie. These small acts are how I live my faith and how I demonstrate my love and dedication to the Lord. Another way is when I participate and work at my church callings, or assignments. I am a Sun-Beam teacher, so I teach the 3-5 during Sunday school. It takes time to prepare the lesson (and myself), for the hour, but I find great joy in it. I love seeing their little faces light up when they get to sing their favorite song about ancient prophets, or about Jesus on the Sea of Galilee. This calling helps me live my faith by reviewing for myself, and helping the young children understand the basic principles of the gospel, what it really means to be a Child of God, and how much Christ and God love each and everyone of us. I live my faith by trying to see the good in everyone, and acknowledging that every single person is a fellow child of God. I do not push others away because they have differing view points, or believe in a different faith, but I accept everyone as they are while still maintaining my faith and personal standards.

Why was a Restoration of the Gospel needed? Haven’t we always had the Bible?

First, I want you to imagine a beautiful, grand, shining round glass table. Now, this table has 13 legs supporting it, Christ and his 12 apostles. One leg was knocked down when Christ left this earth, leaving the 12 legs, and the table still sturdy and standing. But as more and more apostles left or were killed, the table became less stable. Finally, there were not enough legs to keep the table supported, and the Lord took away the proper authority and the table tumbled to the group and shattered. People came along and collected pieces of that once shining table, picked them up and put them together as best they could. But many people collected many different pieces; however, some pieces were left or lost. So some truths remained on the earth, a few over there, a few here, and a few everywhere. But the table was still shattered. It was missing truths, and authority, and pieces. The Holy Bible are the truths that were collected and picked up, and the Restoration was necessary so that we could bring back all the pieces of the table and restore it to its full glory. That is why the Book of Mormon is Another Testament of Jesus Christ, and so important to the Restored Gospel. It adds truth and clarity to the Gospel that is taught in the Bible. The Restoration restored the proper authority, or Priesthood, to the earth, and through that, the table was 'glued' back together, the Gospel was restored in it's wholeness. Show more Show less