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Hi I'm Robert Christiansen

Marine Corps brat, musician, history nerd, produce salesman, missionary from Nov 2015-Oct 2017 in Argentina, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Grew up in the military, but didn't move around too much. Spent most of my childhood in Virginia. Born and raised in the Church. Ginger. Eagle Scout. Musician - plays trumpet, sings, performed in a jazz band, performed in marching band. Loves theater, literature, cinema, and most other art forms. Reads/writes. History nerd. Alexander Hamilton is my hero. Loves to hike/boulder. Loves biking, volleyball, soccer. Earned a full-ride to university. Hosted multiple ARC blood drives - given blood multiple times. Dabbled in directing. Worked as a security guard, as a line-server at Cafe Zupas, selling produce full-time, now serving a full-time mission. Planning on studying marketing/public relations. Wants to be in charge of social media/commercial/political campaigns.

Why I am a Mormon

I'm a Mormon because ever since I was little, I can remember seeing the blessing that come with living the Gospel. Ever since I was little I've striven to gain a personal testimony of the Gospel, and even now I still continually strive to nourish said testimony. I love the Gospel. I love the message of peace, of love for everyone, of the constant pursuit of betterment. It just makes sense to me. I love the idea of being able to pick yourself up after any mistake, and be forgiven, and keep going, trying to become like our Heavenly Father. I love the feelings of peace, of hope, and of clarity it brings to me and my life.

How I live my faith

Participated in service projects often as a youth. Attended church services not just every Sunday, but every week day as well - being enrolled in a Seminary class. I attended services every Sunday and Tuesday, and am now serving a full-time mission for two years in Comodoro Rivadavia, Argentina. I strive daily to participate in family prayer, personal prayer, and personal scripture study. I strive daily to remember the Lord and all He has done for us. I strive daily to keep commandments and covenants. I remember that although I am not perfect, I can keep trying, day after day. I attempt to emulate Christ's ways of mercy and love to all by trying to be a friend to everyone, and trying to remember that everyone has their own struggles that I am not aware of, that I should not condemn anyone, and that everyone deserves to be treated like a Child of God.

Why is family so important to Mormons?

Robert Christiansen
Families are the single most important, central concept in God's Gospel. We are all God's children, and therefore we are all a family. God's desire is for all his children to once again become united in family bonds, which is why in holy temples of God, we are sealed for time and all eternity to our families. In addition to becoming like God - God's end goal for each of us - which would necessitate having families of our own, it also further God's goal by providing a home unit for his children to be protected, provided for, and professed to of the Gospel. Families are key to God's plan. Show more Show less

Who wrote the Book of Mormon?

Robert Christiansen
The Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ, is - much like the Bible - a collection of writings from several prophets and servants of the Lord, who lived in the Americas anciently. Each of these prophets and servants testify of Jesus as the Christ, and preach essential Gospel principles. The book takes its name from Mormon, a prophet and historian who compiled these writings. As the Book of Mormon is written by God's prophets, the words are God's words. They testify of His Gospel, of Jesus Christ, and is the truest book that exists. The Book of Mormon promises that all who read it, and pray to God, in all sincerely desiring to know if it is true, will know by the power of the Holy Ghost that it is. I have my own personal testimony of the truth of the Book of Mormon, and I invite all everywhere to read it and to ask of God for themselves. Show more Show less

What is the priesthood?

Robert Christiansen
The priesthood, simply put, is the authority to act in God's name. We believe we possess the same priesthood authority that was held by priests in the days of the Old and New Testament, such as Aaron, John the Baptist, Peter, James, John, etc. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints claims this priesthood authority to be directly inherited from Jesus Christ. All male members of the Church who live worthily may receive the priesthood, and act in accordance with the calling thereof. Parts of this include leading, performing certain ordinances - such as baptism, blessing those who are sick or otherwise afflicted, etc. The point of the priesthood is not for the holder, but rather to serve, to act in Christ's name, to do as He would do, to be His servant and representative. Show more Show less

Where did Mormonism and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints begin?

Robert Christiansen
The answer to this question comes in two parts. Firstly, we believe that God has always sent His Gospel to the earth, during every dispensation - or period of time. Since the days of Adam, the days of Abraham, the days of Moses, the days of Christ. But following these dispensations came periods of time when people rejected God's Gospel, and a "restoration" was required. Following Christ and His apostles' deaths, the world entered into one of the periods without the Gospel - called apostasy. Secondly, in 1820, during the Second Great Awakening - a period of religious revival in America - a 14-year-old boy, by the name of Joseph Smith, had questions concerning which of the sects of Christianity was true. He retired to a grove of trees to pray, and received a vision of God and Jesus Christ- similar to the prophets of the Old and New Testament - and was instructed to join with none of them. The next ten years Joseph received visions and visitations from other Heavenly messengers instruting him. On April 6th, 1830, under the direction of God, Joseph Smith organized the Church of Jesus Christ once more. One major part of this restoration was the coming forth of the "Book of Mormon", a book similar to the Bible that contains essential Gospel principals. This book was translated by the power of God through Joseph Smith. I would invite all to read it, and learn about it's truth through sincere prayer to God. In sum, the church has always existed; but, as we know it, since 1820. Show more Show less

What is the Atonement of Jesus Christ? Why was it necessary for Jesus Christ to sacrifice His life?

Robert Christiansen
The Atonement of Jesus Christ was a mode for Him to take upon Himself all the sins and pains of this world, so that we could one day return to our Father in Heaven. It was necessary for Christ to sacrifice His life for us for a number of reasons - perhaps as many as there are people. First and foremost, the goal of this life is to return to Heavenly Father, and no unclean thing can dwell in His presence. So therefore, we - an imperfect people - must needs be cleansed. Secondly, we needed the power to grow and learn, to know that despite the fact that there is pain and suffering in this life, we can overcome it. Christ's Atonement provides a mode for that. Most people forget that the Atonement wasn't just for sins, but also for any other shortcoming we experience. Show more Show less