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Hi I'm Challan

I grew up in South London and moved to Nottingham when i was 18. I love my Saviour Jesus Christ and I am a Mormon.

About Me

I have always liked music from a young age and used to listen to Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston. I also love dancing and singing and when i was in my teens I would often get my friends together and work out dance routines with them and find places for us to perform. Although I loved singing, I must confess, I was never the greatest of singers. I tried my hand at recording some vocals and this was fun, although it did not lead anywhere, I kept on trying. I eventually wrote my first full song and recorded it and pressed my own CDs and went to sell them on the street. The response was cool and i enjoyed it but I think I was still in my preparatory stage. After I became a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day saints, my desire to write good concious uplifting music increased greatly. I love my Saviour and I found music a wonderful way to help me draw closer to him. I remember listening to some Hymns remade by an LDS artist, he took the original Hymns and made them his own style, and they really touched my heart and motivated my soul to be a better person and to write music for my God. Since that time I have been fine tuning the gift God blessed me with and I must say, it has taken time to develop and nurture, but God has been really good to me and blessed me with progress the development of my musical talents as I have worked with Him to understand more about the Gospel and its wonderful message. I am truly greatful for His time and patience in working with me.

Why I am a Mormon

There came a time in my life when I was impressed upon to search the scriptures, I had been studying the bible for some time and reading as often as i could. I was reading about Jesus Christ and really admired the things that the Bible taught me He had done, and so i started to make little changes to my life, such as looking for people to help and serve and trying to understand God more and more. I was going through a difficult time and was not opening my front door to anyone, then one day after much prayer and pondering, there came a knock at my door. A voice came into my head which asked me the question, if you ask God for help but you never open the door, how are you going to know if He sends someone to help you? At that moment I jumped out of my chair and looked through the window. I saw 2 young men in suits and I started to worry. But i listened to a small voice telling me to open the door. As soon as i opened the door I saw their badges and the writing, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. They explained that they were missionaries from the Church and I invited them in right away. I was marvelling at them, as i remembered the voice in my head advising me to open the door. At this first meeting they told me briefly about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith, and as i listened to them i was still marvelling as to whether they were messengers from God or not. I had not long been reading about the apostles of ancient time who travelled from city to city teaching about Jesus Christ and continued to wondered if this could be. As they went on their way, they left me with a Prayer and a Book of Mormon to read, and i went to my kitchen and gave got them some fruit. I had read somewhere in the scriptures previously that "by their fruits ye shall know them", being such a novice of the scriptures i wanted them to know that i was one of Gods so i gave them fruit. Its seems crazy now, but at the time its what i did. I read the book of Mormon and here i am today.

How I live my faith

As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints I have had the opportunity to serve in various capacities within our local church ward. Working with youth, young adults, and as a home teacher visiting families and supporting them with their needs. I have found great joy in visiting families and helping them, this has been a wonderful experience and I would have never thought that serving others could be so rewarding. When i was a teacher in the youth program i would study gospel lessons and teach our young men once a week on a Sunday. These lessons were extremely rewarding and spirtual and I felt the wonderful spirit the Lord provides through faith and diligence in teaching and learning. I found that I learnt so much from the youth that, even though I was teaching them, the Lord was teaching me through them with the Holy Spirit at the same time. I came to learn that we are all vessels for the Lord if we choose to be and as we listen to His promptings amazing spiritual experinces occur, not least most when we are doing His work, His way, and not our own. God is so good and so patient, and he has shown me that even though at times we feel inadequate or out of our depth, as long as we rely on Him as our source of strength and guidance He will always be there to support us. Working within various age groups in the Church I have also had the opportunity to attend the Temple and participate with others in Family history and Temple work. This has been a most joyous experience and I thank my Savior so much for taking the time to teach me and show me His ways. He has taught me to serve, He has taught me to see the best in other people, He has taught me to forgive and show mercy, He has taught me to love, He has filled my heart with compassion and opened up my mind to wonders that I could never have imagined. I live my faith a day at a time, and i have embraced the teaching of Jesus Christ so that he may help me to magnify my life for His cause, I love Him.