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Hi I'm Tania

I grew up in California. I have a MBA in Business Administration and I am a single mother of three boys. I am a Mormon.

About Me

Each of my sons has a different father, in which non are a part of their lives. I too come from a single parent home where my father was absent as well. Throughout our lives we have encountered negative influence from family and friends with regards to their absences. However, no matter what has been said or done as a result, I have always known and felt strongly that God in heaven did not intend for the father to be absent, nor did he intend for families to become as extended as they have in the 20th century. The fathers role within the family is crucial in raising healthy and balanced children into adults. I am a convert, which sounds crazy to me because from a very small child I always knew our Heavenly Father was real. When I had my first son I started out in search of which church affiliation I felt closest to God so that he would have a solid foundation early on in life since he did not have a father and I knew I couldn't do it alone. After many awkward and uneasy situations I was blessed to find The Church of Jesus Christ Latter-Day Saints. I would like to add that once I began to look back over my life I started to realize how many times I actually had contact with Mormons. Since high school I can remember friends talking to me about The Book of Mormon, about Joseph Smith and about how he too was confused about which religious faith to believe in and so he with all the desires of his heart prayed to God and behold he got an answer from our father in Heaven.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon and if you ask me why? I will tell you its a no brainer, once you get the Book of Mormon or have a wonderful chat with any of the awesome Missionaries in your area, you too will come to find that it's easy to understand, especially if you attend Church on sunday and take the Gospels and Principles class. There haven't been any gaps or voids in the answers they provided to me even when I would ask a question and think to myself, "Oh no how will they be able to answer this one?"! With each answer given to me I noticed that any skepticism I may have felt early on was starting to dissipate. I hope I have inspired, encouraged or at best created enough curiosity in you to get you on board to get spiritually-recharged with the Gospel. I bare my testimony that I know these teachings are true, I know that Jesus died for us, I know that Joseph Smith was made a living prophet in the mid 1800's in order to restore the Gospel to mankind and that we are the only church with a living prophet and twelve apostles just as it was in the days before. We are also the only church given priesthood authority, like those of John the Baptist, Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses and other prophets of the past; and with a kind and loving heart I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

How I live my faith

As I live my faith as an active participant with a full heart. I can't tell you how many times I was supposed to have already been apart of this church, before all my misguided, uninformed and poor decisions I made. Like Joseph Smith I was not born with Gospel. However, I have never felt closer to God and to Jesus Christ as my Savior. I live my faith day to day and sometimes hour by hour, due to having been living my entire life without the Gospel. It has been extremely challenging to alter the the way I do things and how I perceive things, especially having had children out of wedlock. But as I attend church every sunday with my boys, and have several missionaries visit with us each week, we read the scriptures daily no matter how small the passage may be at times, and through the power prayer, we receive blessings of being a part of something much greater than ourselves. I find myself understanding the pieces to our spiritual puzzle almost as if I have always understood or known Heavenly Fathers plan for us. It is a feeling I get deep within my gut telling me that this is it! I no longer feel the need to search for a sign that there is something more out there. The Gospel explains everything from who we are, who we were and who we can become after we leave this earth and return home to our Father in Heaven. The Gospel is our roadmap or instructions manuel if you will, on how we can get home safely. Our gracious and kind Heavenly Father as well as our Savior Jesus Christ gave Joseph Smith as his answer; The Gospel. They explained to him how through the 'Atonement' of Jesus Christ we are able to make mistakes along the way and still be worthy of his love on our way home.