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Hi I'm Daniel

I live in Virginia USA with my wife and 4 kids, I fish, and I am a Mormon.

About Me

I was born into a Catholic family. My parents taught my sister and I great values, that I hold on to today. I was taught to fish at a young age and love the joy of it. I was baptized in 2001 a month before my daughter was born. Finding Christ in my life changed it forever, while I still strive to fish everyday, I find other things enjoyable as well. With out the Holy Ghost to direct me, I would be lost. My family is wonderful and means so much to me. I am sure I was headed down a rocky slope before, yet now, with a purpose I can take each step with care.

Why I am a Mormon

Visiting different churches over many years growing up and in college years, I never could understand how so many different churches could be using the same book, but be teaching such different things. It was when I met my wife, that I was first introduced to the LDS church. While it took some time to get acquainted with the principals and the teachings. Many things started to make complete sense to me. I came from a Catholic background, where we were happy when one "father" over another would be teaching us, because he was a speed reader or if it was not crowded. I viewed church as a place we HAD to go to, even though no one understood why. However, being taught by those who did not ask for money in return was something new to me. Knowing that I could go to any country, state or building and be taught the same thing, to me was amazing. Finally some place that truly makes sense. A place that encourages personal study and to pray before taking someone else's word for it. I love the Priesthood, and greatly appreciate the fact that I can bless my family in time of need, the same as Christ did during his mission on earth. I love the Relief Society and all that it does for good in the world. While we have been challenged personally on our belief in Jesus Christ, I am comforted just when driving by the meeting house or seeing a picture of the Temple. In this feeling, my testimony that what I have studied and read is in fact true. Nothing could take that feeling away from me, knowing that Christ does live and he truly does love each and everyone of us. The many spiritual gifts I have been given, I know without a shadow of doubt were given to further his kingdom, and for the blessings my family needs. I know that The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-Day saints is Gods true restored church, that the Book of Mormon is another example of Christ.

How I live my faith

Some days are hard to stay focused, and at times I often wonder if God is truly watching over me. Yet it is the small things that I see. I think back of all the struggles and trials I have overcome, some easily and some with much closeness to failure, yet I see afterwards the blessings that have come from each struggle and hardship. Being able to feel those blessings and see them, is what keeps me moving each day. Knowing that even in my darkest hour, minute or second, He is watching over me. With a family now, I often have to keep reminding myself, it is not just me, it is also them that are needing my strength and faith to look up into the Heavens and ask God for his help. Without that assurance of help and love, I feel worthless, as Satan wants us to feel. Each day I can strengthen my Armor, that is one more day Satan has no power over me.