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Hi I'm Dan Roberts

I have 10 beautiful children and married my high school sweetheart after we served missions. We live in Rexburg Idaho.

About Me

I love rustic things. I build rustic things. I am a log and timber craftsman, and love building unconventional and unique structures, elements to structures, and the freedom of expression. I am also a liberty activist, I love the principles of freedom and personal agency. I feel that freedom is the most inspiring and important aspect in life--next to religion--in inspiring people to work towards their dreams and happiness. I love advocating for the proper role of government under the U.S. Constitution. I understand the importance of this Constitution in my personal freedom and especially in my religious liberty. I believe as one of our founding fathers John Adams said "the Constitution was meant to govern a moral and religious people and is wholly inadequate for the governance of an other". I therefor believe that when a people are religious and follow the directions of their God--AKA commandments--they are not in need of restrictive laws that take away their right to choose, and are therefor free. If we will not accept the yoke of Christ and live his teachings then we must accept the yoke of Caesar. I labor for a transition back to this foundation of morality so we can once again live up to the privileges that God desires for us and our founders envisioned.

Why I am a Mormon

All of us are born something, for me I was born a Mormon--a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. However we all have agency or freewill to change or stay what we are. I choose to stay what I was born, not out of tradition, but out of spiritual conformation that the teachings of Christ's restored church and kingdom are true. I stay because God changes not and has organized his modern day church with the same organization that existed in the primitive church, namely that there are once again on the earth men who are directed directly by God and Jesus Christ, these men are prophets and apostles of the Lord Jesus Christ--I know that. I also know that the first prophet in these last days--Joseph Smith--was lead to, and translated into english, by the power of God, an ancient book of scripture written on the American continent known as The Book of Mormon. I know that this book is true and it stands with the Bible as a second witness of the validity of Jesus Christ and of Gods love for all of his children. One of the most important and powerful teachings of the church is the doctrine of the importance of the family. The family is the most important unit in time and eternity, in fact through modern day teaching from Jesus Christ to his prophets we learn that marriages performed under the direction of God restored priesthood, can last beyond death and into the eternities. These special marriage and sealing ceremonies take place in Holy temples built to bless the human family with Gods most special and holy blessings. It is my most sacred desire to obtain these blessing for myself and others who want them. True happiness come from freely doing the will of God, and seeking to blessing the lives of others as we have been blessed.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by trying to be obedient the laws and ordinances of the gospel that I have committed myself to living. I try to fulfill the responsibilities that I have been given, and accepted. I teach my children and try to prepare them to be committed servants later in life. I am an active citizen, realizing that without freedom and diligently fighting to preserve its foundations, that religion, and my sacred right to worship as I see fit, will be jeopardized.

What is the Atonement of Jesus Christ? Why was it necessary for Jesus Christ to sacrifice His life?

Dan Roberts
The Atonement of Christ is the most wonderful gift that any seeking person can find and make effective in their lives. The Atonement has spiritual and temporal applications that we can see and feel in our lives. The Atonement to me is an enabling power that helps me accomplish things that are important, meaningful, and sacred in my life. One of these important enabling gifts form the Atonement is my ability to provide for a family, that God has commanded me to have. I believe that my ability to become proficient in my occupation is a gift of the Atonement. Ultimately the Atonement will enable me to be accepted back into the full love of God with my family after this earth life is over. The Atonement is the proof that God loves his children, by allowing his beloved son to suffer for us, to gain victory over the sin and death. Because of Christ's gift of the Atonement we don't have to suffer as he did, if we would be born again, live his teaching, and change when we have strayed from his teachings. Show more Show less