What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Tyler

Im from Lindon, Utah. Im a Film Maker, Football Player, Full Time Missionary in Perú, and Im a Mormon.

About Me

Im definately not a dancer... or a singer. Im currently a full time missionary serving in Perú. I love the art of film, drawing, and doing basically anything creative. I also love football, basketball, playing with my nieces, soccer, running, four-wheeling, and doing anything active. I enjoy spending time with my family, even though Im far away from them for 2 years. I aspire to be someday a Film Director. While my dream used to be working in Hollywood, it has slowly grown to something more realistic and even better for my life. My current dream is to help the church produce and create more media content for the world to see. I love the church and what its done for me in my life. I love my family and I love knowing that we can be together forever.

Why I am a Mormon

I have chosen the afiliate myself with the Mormon church because I came to know for myself that the Book of Mormon is true. The key is in the book. If the book is true, and you can come to know that it is just by doing 2 simple things.. read and pray.. then that means that this is the one an only true Church that in these days contains all of the keys necesary for salvation. Now when I say that I´m not going to say that other churches are bad, or that they are false in their enterity, because their not. But I can say that there is only one church on earth in which God has restored all of His keys that once exsited in Christs church, and I know that this is the restored church of Christ, and that he directs his church in these days through a living prophet, Thomas S. Monson.

How I live my faith

I love talking to people about their families. Being human beings, imperfect and all, we all have problems. Lets face it, we all do! But when we live according to the Gospel of Jesus Christ we will be able to begin to solve our problems and repave the foundation of our family. Of course Im not saying that living the Gospel makes perfect families, but I will say that living the Gospel gives families a route in which they can follow to overcome their problems, to learn and grown, and to have an overall happier family.

What is the priesthood?

We all have keys. To our car, to our house, to a jewlrey box, etc. Whatever it might be, we all have keys of some sort. The point of a key is to allow the owner to give a personal selection of who and/or who not to give the rights to certian articles. For example, your house key. You wouldn´t give your key to any kind of person that you find sitting in the street would you? No. Because that person hasn´t shown himself worthy and responsible enough to find himself in your home and leave everything running how you like it to be run. God also has keys, these keys are known as the Priesthood, and are necesary here on earth to open the doors of heaven and permit men to act in Gods name. Without the Priesthood given by God, we are not really acting in Gods name, we are not using the keys that God has entrusted us with. But when we are legitimately given the rights and the keys to act in Gods name, the heavens will be opened and the path will be paved to salvation. In order to carry out saving ordinances such as Baptism, one must have the Priesthood Keys given to by the laying on of hands so that such an ordinance can be pronounced valid here on earth as well as in heaven. Or better said, one must have the key, given him by God to open the door to let someone else onto the path, because one who does not posess such a key will have no power to open such a door. Show more Show less