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Hi I'm Ariana

I'm a teacher, a bonafide explorer, an aspiring writer, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I grew up in a beautiful family in El Paso, TX. When I graduated from high school I moved to San Marcos and attended Texas State University, and I studies Creative Writing there. I had a strong sense of adventure which brought me to live in several places, including California, and then South Korea and Vietnam after I graduated from college. I taught English in these countries while traveling to several others during my time in between. Traveling imparted a great deal of inspiration to me, and it taught that the world contains more good than I had previoulsy thought. Now, I am a gradeschool teacher, experiencing daily the joy of sharing knowlege with my students. The happiest desire of my heart is to be sealed in the temple, and start a family with the man I love. I have always been a diehard romantic, so that is the most important of all journeys to me. I want to fill my life with moments with my family, I want to be a fantastic mom. My determination takes me pretty far, so I look forward to making my dreams happen, and I would invite everyone to fearlessly do the same.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because I have more answers than questions. And all my questions are answered as best as humanly possible. I don't think of this as a religion, to me it's just the truth. I don't see it as a manmade church, it's just the truth. There may be decisions made by leaders that others don't agree with, there may be fallacies that cause them to assume that it's a scam. The truth is, this is God's word, it is His work, and it is conducted by men on earth who are imperfect, but that does not make it untrue. I have stood faithful, and I have put these beliefs through brutal testing, and no matter how much force has stood to try and knock down the gospel, or steal away my faith, they have always risen up to pull me out of misery. I am strong because of this gospel, not because it was spoonfed to me as a child, not because I have seen no other way, but because it is something much greater than I, and it is mightier than the say of the world. Being a Mormon is not about being praised, or better than anyone, or even accepted; and if anyone ever implied that to anyone out there, that person is wrong. To me, being a Mormon is accepting the Book of Mormon and its teachings, which is to accept faith, the faith to pray about it to see if it's true. It's about living the teachings of the prophets and trusting that they're not bluffing, no matter what anyone else says, which is to pray again to see it is it's true. It is to have enough love and open mindedness to trust that prayer will work. The prayers will bring you to the understanding that these things are true. When you see that these things are true you will want to spread peace and love throughout the world. I invite everyone out there to open up their hearts and minds, and explore what could be. I promise you a life of happiness when you do.

How I live my faith

I live it by example. I am by all means flawed, I trip up on the simplest of heavenly instructions, and I require much correction week per week, and I don't even have a calling in the church. But I approach my fellow human beings with all the love that one girl could muster. And I am not perfect in this, but I have the greatest desire to be. I live my faith by demonstrating kindness to people, because they are and will always be my brothers and sisters. Love is the most powerful tool that we have been given in this life, it is the reason we have the opportunity to receive eternal life, it is the reason we exist, and it DOES create miracles. I live my faith by showing people that hope is ever present, you just have to allow it to work. My testimony did not begin until I had to pick myself up from rubble and see for myself that God IS, and that He is everywhere, in every beautiful thing that rests on the universe. That is why I try to help others to learn to love themselves so they can see everything that they're capable of, because they are children of an amazing Heavenly Father who destined for us all to inherit His glory. I understand that I am here for a reason, so I pursue worthwhile goals with my time on earth, and making others happy is the best way to thank my Heavenly Father for the marvelous blessings, and to thank Jesus Christ for making eternal life possible for me.