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Hi I'm Trevor

I am an angsty young adult, I have grand plans of seeing the world, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I was born and raised in the LDS church. I'm in a family of five, with my parents and sisters. My parents were divorced when I was young, so I live with my mom and step dad, but that doesn't stop him from being my father. I love my family very much. We're all kind of insane. But I think most families are like that. The moments when I'm with family are the moments I think I get a taste of the love God has for us. My family has always been focused on education, and I love learning. I have a year of college down; I'm going into international studies, which is sort of an international political science degree. I'm studying Chinese (read about my mission, it's pretty sweet), with plans to study Russian and French as I go. I LOVE reading. My all-time favorite book is 1984. Go read it now. Even if you already have. Read it again. Go read it. I find beliefs and faiths fascinating and inspiring. I may be LDS, but I'm happy for anyone who has has faith, no matter religion or creed. I really enjoy discussing beliefs with people, and I always try to find opportunities to learn new things about different cultures/religions/what have you. One time I dyed my hair red.

Why I am a Mormon

I just received my call to serve an LDS mission in Taiwan, speaking (hooray!) Mandarin Chinese. I will be there for twenty four months. My decision to serve a mission was a long and tough one. I frankly didn't live my faith for a while. But I felt like something was missing, and I knew what it was. It was the gospel of Jesus Christ. I don't KNOW that this church is the one true church of Christ, but I believe it is. I testify of the joy and confidence that comes through faith in The Savior Jesus Christ. I testify of the peace that comes through prayerful study and consideration of the Book of Mormon. I believe that Thomas S. Monson was called by God to lead His church. Joseph Smith is, to a lot of people, a controversial figure. But stop and consider if what he said was all true. Imagine the importance of his teachings if it all came directly from heaven. I respect Joseph Smith for what he accomplished, because I believe he truly did restore the true gospel of Jesus Christ, and that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is that church. I cannot prove it, but I'm not interested in proving anything. I'm only interested in spreading a message of hope: the love of God, and His Son, Jesus Christ, to all who will stop and listen. I believe all of these things to be true.

How I live my faith

I've thought a lot about what I can say that might help someone. This website is full of wonderful people with eloquent messages of hope, and profound testimonies of our Heavenly Father and His son, Jesus Christ. What can I really bring to the table that is different? Well I've decided: a simple testimony that Christ lives. We live in a crazy, wonderful time. Technology is progressing at unbelievable rates, and more and more countries across the globe are gaining self-evident freedoms. However, along with this, we see a lot of confusion. Technology is tainted by pornography; some countries gain freedom, while others regress. We find this opposition to the modern-day optimism that we would all like to have. Is there really a higher truth? Does all this (our lives, the world, etc.) really have a point? My answer is a confident 'yes.' You may wonder, 'what makes this kid think he knows the answers?' Well good question. I have the answers because I've been in the confusion. I know what it's like to wade through the murkiness of day-to-day life without a purpose. But I have found answers. Through Jesus Christ there is hope for truth and peace in my life. This knowledge is made sweeter by the fact that I have lived without it before. But what next? I've found it difficult to live at the level I know I'm supposed to live. The LDS church has high standards for living, it's true. Jesus Christ was a perfect being, and we're supposed to be like him? Yeah, right. But God knows our limitations. He doesn't expect us to be perfect, but what he does expect is our best. As we grow in the church, our 'best-level' increases, until eventually we find that living as Jesus Chris lived isn't as unthinkable as it once was. I want to be a better person, helping those around me feel the love that the Savior taught. Of course, some days I do better than others, but I am trying my best. And that's what God wants.