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Hi I'm Ferron

I have lived in Idaho most of my life. I served a two year mission to Brazil. I coached track at Ricks College. I am a Mormon.

About Me

I was born in a small town in Idaho. I learned how to work hard at an early age picking potatoes, moving pipe, bucking hay and working on a chicken farm. I was interested in sports at an early age and eventually played football, basketball and track in high school. I was a team captain in football and basketball. I then attended Ricks College and played football and threw the shot put and discus. My major changed many times. I then served a two year mission in Brazil. I learned to love the people and they in turn loved me. The members of the church there taught me so much, especially humility and how to be happy no matter what. I still have many friends in Brazil. I will never forget them nor the special experiences of my mission. I received a scholarship to compete in track and field at Utah State University. I had to work hard to achieve success. I majored in Health and Physical Education. For a time after I began teaching and coaching, I felt inferior to others who majored in other areas. As time went on, I learned that I really enjoyed helping people make healthy choices through diet and exercise. I loved the athletes that I coached. I had a lot of success, but is was the special relationships with the athletes that I remember most. The greatest love of my life has been my wife and five children. My wife has been such a strength to me. We also have 11 grandchildren. Having a happy family and supporting each other through our trials has been one of life's miracles.

Why I am a Mormon

Some of my ancestors came across the plains to Utah. Some were in the Martin Handcart Company of 1856 which suffered so much from hunger and cold. My great great grandfather had a vision while still living in England. He saw all the trials he would face coming across the American Plains. He chose to come anyway, and he became a beloved member of his community. He never wavered in his testimony of the Savior. My grandparents were members of the Church. One of my grandfathers served a mission in Germany just before World War I? He had to leave quickly and served the rest of his mission in the Great Lakes mission. His example had a profound effect on me. My other grandfather served in West Virginia and he told me of his experiences. Both my grandmothers were women of great faith. One of them was a widow for nearly 40 years. She raised a family of nine children and lost a 10th in childbirth. She walked 5 miles to work and 5 miles back for many years to support her family. Her hands were crippled from arthritus, but she didn't complain. She sent three sons off to WWII. They all returned safely. Another son was shot and killed while herding sheep on his horse. But her faith in the Savior never waivered. One woman said of her, "When it was her who needed our help, she went about helping all of us." I have never forgotten her example. My parents taught me to trust in the Savior. They too went about trying to do good to others. When I was 8 years old, my father baptized me into the Church. I remember him carrying me into the font as I could not walk because of a hip disease. I felt so wonderful when I came out and I knew I was following the example of Jesus. For the past few years, I have watched the world slowly spiral downward, away from the teachings of Jesus Christ. I have wondered, "What would our world be like if we simply followed Him?" I choose to continue be a Mormon because I know for myself that this is His Church. Happiness comes when we follow Him.

How I live my faith

Living as the Savior did is not easy in the world we live in. There are many things that take us away from Him. It takes a constant effort to try and follow Jesus. We will never be perfect in everything in this life, but the important things is that we keep on trying to be like Him no matter what. For much of my life, I have tried to look out for the underdog. I don't know why for sure. Maybe because of the example of my parents. Maybe because I was the underdog for part of my life. It has always given me a lot of happiness to see someone else who is struggling, have a happier life because of how I treat them. As I write, I think of a fellow who I visit quite often. He doesn't have anything compared to most of us. By most standards, he lives in poverty. He has suffered from ill health for a long time and many days he just lies on his bed in loneliness. When I go to see him, no matter how he is feeling, he sits up on the bed, waits for me to sit down and then he begins talking to me about many things. Many people don't like to be around him because they think he is odd. I have found that when I sit and listen to him, it makes him feel better. To see him smiling and at times laughing does my heart good, because for a moment, he has some joy in his life. I have never been concerned that some of what he says is a little odd. I am more concerned about his happiness. What greater joy could I possibly have than to see his burdens lifted even though but for a moment. At times, it seems difficult to know how to help a fellow human being. I have found that the most important thing is that we must do 'something'. A pat on the back, a smile, a treat, maybe some money, a helping hand, running an errand, a letter, a kind word, a listening ear. Who is our neighbor? Everyone is our neighbor. Can we help every one of them? Not usually. But we can help someone. We can make a difference. We can try to be like Jesus. Keep trying. Never give up.