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Hi I'm Taylor Whitlock

I grew up in Orem, Utah. I have been a Mormon my whole life.

About Me

I am a nerd. Straight up. I love video games, card games, music, science, math, movies, band....yup. I play the piano, trombone, any brass instrument, and I'm trying to learn to play the guitar and bagpipes. I love music, but I have a bit of an interesting taste. I listen more to the actual musical aspects of it, rather than the lyrical aspect. So, stuff like modern classical(TSFH, TSO) and EDM(The Glitch Mob) are my favorites. That's not to say I don't love other things(Dragonforce, Powerglove, Weird Al), because I really enjoy all "epic" or pump-up music. Y'all know the kind I mean. Which, of course, most video games have! One more reason to like them! Strategy, intense music...what's there not to like? League of Legends is my game of choice. As for card games, Magic: The Gathering is where it's at! However, like the crazy person I am, I'll throw y'all for a loop: I love soccer and racquetball. Soccer is insanely fun, and it's the one sport I'm actually good at. Racquetball is just fun. Go figure though, one of the reasons I like it is because of the physics aspect, rebounding and ricocheting at angles, with spin...oh yeah. I'm a crazy nerd, and proud of it!

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon for many reasons. I was raised in the Mormon church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I have always been taught that way, but that is not the reason I am still a Mormon. I have continued to be a Mormon because through prayer, I have received my own witness of the truth of the teachings of the church. Not only that, but everything that the Mormons believe just makes sense. It brings peace into my life.

How I live my faith

I am currently on a 2-year service mission for the church. I am serving in the Texas Houston East mission. I try to help others come to an understanding of what I believe and why I do so. It is because it has brought me much peace and happiness in my life, and I want to share that with others.

What is the Book of Mormon?

Taylor Whitlock
The Book of Mormon is a book that complements the Bible. We believe in the Bible and its teachings fully, and the Book of Mormon is just another witness of the teachings of Jesus Christ. It takes place on the American continent. As to why it is necessary, I pose this question: In any situation, are you more likely to believe something if there is more evidence supporting it? That is the Book of Mormon. The Bible tells of Jesus Christ and his teachings. The Book of Mormon also contains those teachings, and provides that extra evidence to support Jesus Christ and his teachings. As to the truth of it, everyone has to sincerely pray about it on their own to find out. They have to truly want to know if it is true or not, and if that is the case, they will receive that witness from the Holy Ghost that it IS true. Show more Show less

What is being a Mormon like?

Taylor Whitlock
Being a Mormon is not as different as people seem to think it is. We strive to be kind to others, help those in need, and follow all teachings of Jesus Christ. Of course we are not perfect, but that is what we strive for. Show more Show less

Why do Mormons believe in the Bible?

Taylor Whitlock
The Bible tells of Jesus Christ and his teachings, and we believe in Jesus Christ and his teachings, so we believe in the Bible. Show more Show less