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Hi I'm Jake Allen

I live Utah and graduated from high school last year. I am a music geek and now i'm getting ready to serve a mission in New York.

About Me

Ever since I was little I have loved pulling pranks on people and I, for whatever reason, seem to never get karma back in return. I am very geeky when it comes to music and I played saxophone for 4 years. I enjoy pretty much anything that puts me in the mountains or on a lake and i'm getting ready to serve a mission in New York and I have a girlfriend who is serving a mission in California.

Why I am a Mormon

Honestly, if it weren't for my dad I don't know for sure if I ever would have joined this religion. I was born into it. That being said, I did not make this choice because my dad told me to. People in my ward have always seen me as the strongest most bestest kid that they ever saw in the church but that isn't what I have always been. I was really really good at hiding the fact that I was falling away. I had started looking at the "fun" things in life. I started leaving my friends that were a good influence to try out being with other people that were being stupid. I started doing things that messed me up for years to come and I became ashamed of myself. I spent a couple years of my life feeling like that and I didn't know what I was doing anymore. That was when I sat down and thought about what I was doing with my life. I started going to seminary and really digging in and listening for once to what they were saying. I began applying things that I had learned to my life with real intent. I began reading my scriptures and praying to my father in heaven for guidance and I received it. Once I began doing that, I didn't feel comfortable with the people I had been hanging out with so I went back to hanging out with my one smart friend I had left and through him I met many more amazing people that became my closest friends and also got me involved with things that were actually productive. I would never have learned music if it weren't for this time in my life cause that good friend of mine got me involved with that as well. If it were not for this time in my life I would have never learned to do hard things. Because of this religion I stopped being ashamed of who I was and what I was doing but I became strong and my life is good again.

How I live my faith

I have come to the realization that this church is all about serving others. As a home teacher I have helped people out with problems that may not have otherwise been voiced. For example recently I was informed by an old couple that I home teach, that they are wondering if there is even a point of them coming to church anymore because they cannot hear any of the talks. I am sure that they were not the only people faced with that problem so I have brought this issue to the attention of the right people who have access to some technology that can help them out. As a boy scout I mowed lawns, raked leaves, shoveled snow and pulled weeds and did food drives and helped with eagle projects and so on and so on. These acts of service were not for those that could do it for themselves but for the elderly in our ward that A: couldn't do it for themselves and B: wouldn't want to ask for help. But we helped anyways. :) Personally I have enjoyed the feeling of doing service for someone that I have never met in my life. An example was a time when I put 20 dollars in an envelope. I wrote on it these words; "I don't know you and you don't know me, but here is 20 bucks. All I ask is that you in turn do something nice for someone else." My sister drove me around to a different neighborhood than our own and we found a car that looked like someone strapped for cash owned it and we put the money under their windshield whippers and then went home. I was inspired to do this act of service by one of my young men advisors and it was a very powerful feeling that came from it. So I would have to say that I live my faith by serving others because there isn't a better feeling in the world than knowing that you made someones day better.