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Hi I'm Justin

Learning is my forte, living is my game, and life is my battle. And I'm a Mormon!

About Me

I love spending time with friends, eating, and causing problems with my brothers :). Ive always loved aviation and watching the airplanes fly through the sky. also, I. Love. To. Learn! I might even say i'm really good at it, but that doesn't mean I get the best grades! From early on i got into harder material and loved the challenge. It also meant i graduated early, woot woot! But from every point in my life, i've always had something to work on. Whether it be an instrument, a school project, or a personal hobby, I was always working. And because i was always learning, I formed a habit of asking questions and thinking about ideas and theories. I grew into what you could call an inquisitive person! One major characteristic of this personality is never to take anything at face value, always researching and studying. The product of this scrutiny, was that when I got an answer, i knew it was right, with no more questions.

Why I am a Mormon

Like many, i was raised in the church ever since I was born. I went through primary, I did the right "things" and was happy! But like i mentioned above, i became one who likes to ask questions. Although i did the necessary things, and essentially became a Christian, I always had the question of why we were doing this all. Was It really necessary, was there a God out there? I knew that religion made people better, but was it something we made up? There really was no way to get that answer other than to read what we considered to be scripture. So I did, and i can tell you that God is there. He really, truthfully, does exist and is our father! Equally as important, his Son Jesus Christ really did come to earth to show us the way back home. I know because I've questioned it, i've pondered on it, reasoned through, and finally been humbled to my knees by trials and doubts and fear. And at every point along this path, he was there. And I know, because I feel Him, and the truth shines through the darkness. In an old Latin poem, my feelings can be described perfectly: "Caelitus mihi vires. deo adjuvante non timendum in perpetuum. Dirige nos domine Ad augusta per angusta. Sic itur ad astra Excelsior!" "My strength is from heaven. God helping, nothing should be feared for ever. Direct us, O lord To high places by narrow roads. Such is the path to the Stars, Ever upward!" I testify of this truth, in the name of my Saviour Jesus Christ!

How I live my faith

Within my home Branch, I work as a primary pianist. While they learn to sing songs about things they are learning, i play the accompaniment! Thank goodness its primary though, because I can't play very well AT ALL!! I was involved in NHS in high school, and got involved with the Red Cross coordinating blood drives. This gave me ample opportunities to find projects and be involved serving others. In addition, the BSA and church had projects where we could go and help others as well! Currently, we work with the City where we live doing community outreach and unifying projects to make sure that everyone is cared for, and Its Great! On a more religious level, I try to live my life personally as Christ would have lived. Heaven knows i'm not perfect, but the most important thing is that I'm trying. As i watch my words and actions, a change begins in the thoughts as well, and you begin to "Think" differently. It makes a change that can be described as "having no more disposition to do evil." Instead, I go and teach families in their homes, care for my friends, and do all i can to serve God by serving others. And I am so grateful for that blessing everyday!