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Hi I'm Sarah

I love reading, writing, drawing, and running. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I draw pictures almost every day, and even got an account to post art, where I post the fun drawings and try to create a good clean profile. My drawings are usually animals, invented creatures, and dragons! I love to read adventurous stories and explore places, building experiences I can share with others and use in stories and drawings. I have to share everything awesome and funny I find with my family and friends-and if I hear someone I know laughing, I have to run up and ask them what the joke is. I ran Cross Country in High School and made a Personal Record of 22:30 on a 5k. I also ran Cross Country in my first semester of college at BYU-Idaho, but I had to adjust to college and didn't improve my time. I hope to return to BYUI after my mission and PR next time. I have 7 siblings, so I'm practically already a mom from helping my Mom so much! I really love little children and I'm really good at working with them. When I'm away from my family I get real lonely and sad. I get really defensive if anyone is mean to my family or friends.

Why I am a Mormon

I grew up in the church. My parents always worked hard to insure their children knew the right things to do and worked hard to do those things. My older brother was always a great example and made me want to be a hard worker and accomplish great things. I didn't make it, for a while. I got in trouble a lot and fell short of the standards I saw in my family. I felt like a total failure. When I turned 14, I decided I'd had enough. I started coming up with different plans to make myself work hard and remember to pray and read the scriptures, and joined Track at school because I always wanted to do well at a sport. It was a step up, but somehow I didn't feel fully fulfilled. I didn't improve enough in Track for it to mean anything, and I didn't really like it like other sports. For my Junior year of High School, I decided to take another step. I entered two Advanced Placement classes (college in High School) AND Cross Country running. I also promised myself I would earn the Stake President's award in my early morning Seminary(church) class. I had no idea what I was getting into. I spent three weeks of my Junior year doing nothing but homework, all the way until twelve every night, and the homework was never done when I went to bed. Also Cross Country practice hurt and took away two hours of possible homework time. I thought I'd have to quit Cross Country, even though I loved it more than track, and that I would still fail my AP classes. I doubt without Seminary I would have made it. Seminary had helped me develop a proper habit of prayer. I prayed for help and was inspired to always go to bed at eight sharp, sacrificing four hours of homework time. I did it. And in the end of the hardest year of my life, I had passed my AP classes and was the most improved on the Cross Country team. I know without the Gospel and the programs of the church, I would be an unhappy nobody. Being a member of the church has blessed my life in more ways than I can ever count.

How I live my faith

I work really hard to always make it to church on time, early if I can. At college I'm really good at visiting teaching-(visiting fellow ward members) because they're in the same apartment building as me. For the last six months I've been a Primary worker-I teach children ages 3 and 4. They're really attached to me. I really love service projects, and never miss one! I've worked in at least three Eagle Scout projects, helped rake the leaves from the church yard every year, helped build a house for Habitat for Humanity, and helped in a lot of moving days for people. I used to always make it to Wednesday activities when I was in High School. Once I turned 18 and went to college, I had to move on to adult activities, and life got more complicated and made it harder to make it to things. About four months after I had to leave the Youth activities, Institute started. It's the Wednesday activity for adults, and instead of doing sports or making something with the lesson, it's just a lesson and snacks. But I only miss it when there is big family events like a reunion. I try to remember to read the scriptures and say my prayers every day. I've always felt my happiest at times when I was most diligent with those things. I completed the Personal Progress program to receive my Young Womanhood Recognition. It involves eight virtues, and you do six activities and a ten hour project to develop each virtue. I thought I wouldn't be good or diligent enough to finish it on time (you're supposed to complete it before you turn 18), but I started working on it every Sunday and suddenly finished all of it really fast! I even went on to complete the Honor Bee, where you read the Book of Mormon again and do 40 hours of service. The program helped me be confident and happy with myself, and it was really fulfilling. Someday soon I want to do it all again.