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Hi I'm Jared Dawson

I am from North Carolina. I Love my family. I love rock climbing. I do my best to follow Christ's example. I am a Mormon.

About Me

I am preparing to serve a mission for two years in Idaho. In order to serve a mission this year, right as Iturned 18, I graduated from school a year early. Most of my classes senior year were college level courses and I participated in many varsity sports ranging from Cross Country, Football, and Swimming, to Recreational Basketball and various Track events. My passion is in rock climbing. There is no feeling like hiking up a mountain, setting up ropes, and climbing beautiful rock from hours on end. The physical strain and puzzle like characteristics of rock climbing offer the perfect combination of athleticism, problem solving, and technical skill. I am, as people would say, "an outdoors-men." Some of the best nights of my life have been spent hiking down a pitch black trail with a headlight and map journeying through national forests. When in nature you experience life as it truly is, free from the filters and corruption of modern day life. In my young life I work two jobs and endeavor to find a balance between my arduous work schedule, vigorous academic curriculum, and extensive extracurricular activities. Above all else is church. I live my life to find joy in the journey and to serve others with all my might.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because I know this is Jesus Christ's only true church here on earth and that through it we can grow closer to Heavenly Father than by any other way. It is that simple.

How I live my faith

Throughout high school there were many Christians at school, but very few Christians of the specific Mormon sect. Being one of those few I lived my life differently as I endeavored to follow the commandments set before me. Most of my high school life I really didn't have a strong conviction in my faith towards my Heavenly Father. However small my faith was at the time I was really blessed to understand the merit behind our Heavenly Fathers commandments. Out of every rule and every doctrine in the Mormon church I could not find one thing that did not make sense in my mind. Subsequently I found that with other churches in our area and with friends of different religions, there were always things that did not click with me and after studying their reasoning I was still left felling it was not true; after all I had already been immersed in the full truth. I would say at that time, being young and curious, my faith was founded mainly on the knowledge that the principles taught were true and if the principles were true the church was restored on this earth and if the church was restored on this earth then everything in it must be right. Later when I actively put forward my foot in reading scripture, praying, and studying Gods word I found that my faith in God was never as small as I thought it was. I had always known. Given that knowledge, living with my faith throughout high school was not much of a struggle. Having many christian friends of other sects was fine as they were mostly accepting of Mormonism where I was an I even had the chance to share my own testament of the Mormon church in their services. I lived with my faith simply by sharing it, loving it, and not getting down if someone did not agree with what I had to say or what I was doing.

How can I find someone to talk with, in person, about the Mormon religion?

Jared Dawson
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