What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Teran

I'm a student, an engineer, a traveler, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a student at Brigham Young University. I grew up all over the world, moving every few years to a new country, a new home, and a new life. I have lived in Niamey, Niger; Frankfurt, Germany; Jerusalem, Israel; Chengdu, China; and Beijing, China. Because we lived in such exotic locations, our church services were organized a little differently. While living in Africa, we were the only members in the area. We ended up having church by ourselves at home each Sunday for two years. In Chengdu, we had to call in by phone with groups of families scattered across China. In Beijing, we met in three separate houses due to meeting size restrictions and linked them together with a conference call. Regardless of these oddities, the Church is the same everywhere. I could not have asked for better spiritual giants than the ones I had as my mentors and leaders. I served my mission in Indianapolis, Indiana. When I got my call I had to look it up on a map because I had no idea where it was. Indiana became my crazy, foreign mission since I grew up overseas. After returning home I went to Brigham Young University where I am now studying BioMechanical Engineering and Cyber Security. I still love to travel whenever I get the chance.

Why I am a Mormon

While it is hard to pickup and move, the church communities around the world make this transition much easier. Everywhere we went (except Africa) there was always a welcoming group of faithful saints there to help. They provided meals and service while we were waiting for our shipments. They helped with advice and experience about the new area. They provided a new group of friends to join. I love the church members and their open fellowship. Because I grew up in the church, I had always just accepted it as a truth, a consistency, a part of my life. After starting high school I realized for the first time that there are other things out there. I had to discover for myself that this gospel was true. After making my fair share of rebellious choices and completing the grueling process of repentance, I came to know of the peace and happiness that comes from the atonement and the gospel of Jesus Christ. The Spirit has born witness to me that this Church is true and that God loves each one of us where ever we are and no matter what we have done.

How I live my faith

The Gospel is something that has come to play an integral part in my life. Because I was raised in places where we are not permitted to share the Gospel, living the Gospel took on a new meaning for me. I live the Gospel by example to those around me. People would ask what made us so different, why we were always so happy. While we could not answer them at that time, they could recognize a difference in us and hopefully, at some future time, they will see it in another who can share. I participate in my community through leadership and service. I was the leader of the youth groups for most of high school. I helped to organize activities and strengthen those that were struggling in any way. I was a friend to all those who needed me (and those that didn't). I also love to give service. Any chance I get I am up helping those in my community. I use the skills and education that I have to make my service as meaningful and successful as possible.

What do Mormons believe concerning the doctrine of grace?

Imagine you are stuck in a pit. It's just too deep for you to get out. You can't quite reach the ledge. There's no way out. Your stuck. Then you hear from above the voice of your father calling for you. He is at the top reaching down to help you. You reach up as high as you can, up on your toes, maybe even jump. He grabs your hand and hoists you up. Grace is like this. When you hear your father calling to you, you aren't going to just sit at the bottom of the pit and expect him to pull you out. You do /all that you can/ to get back to him. The Lord expects you to reach up as high as you can, jump a little, and then he will make up for the rest. Show more Show less

What are some things that tell you there is a God?

I'm an biomechanical engineer so I make a living off of studying the world and how all the pieces fit together. The most obvious sign to me that God exists is how amazingly complex the human body is. As science and technology advance, we have been able to make some very powerful robots. Humanoid robots can now try to mimic the movement of humans. But as far as we progress, nothing compares to the ability of the human body. It truly is something "made after the image of God." Show more Show less